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How to Reduce Your Waste This Black Friday

How to Reduce Your Waste This Black Friday

If your email inbox hasn’t been relentlessly spammed already, it soon will be. Black Friday is on the horizon and this year, it falls on 25th November. Every year it seems like the deals start earlier and last longer. It doesn’t just have an impact on your wallet either, it impacts the environment. Here’s how to reduce waste this Black Friday.

How Much Do We Spend on Black Friday?

According to Finder.com, shoppers in the UK spent around £6 billion on Black Friday alone. From discounted electronics to toys, clothes, and more, we bought it. Imagine how many packages that equates to and how much extra waste we produce, just in one day.

The Problem with Black Friday

The carbon emissions are caused by the shipping and delivery of goods. The sheer amount of excess packaging. Black Friday has a huge impact on the environment.

However, you can offset some of this by being savvy about what you buy and where you buy from. Here are some tips on how to reduce waste this year.

Make a Black Friday Shopping List

You know what it’s like when you go to the supermarket. If you go without a list, lots of unnecessary items seem to end up in your trolley. Sale shopping is exactly the same. If you think about what you do actually want and need, you’ll save money and reduce waste.

Buy Quality Goods

An important way to reduce waste this Black Friday is to look for quality. Fast fashion and cheap Chinese imports can end up in landfill within months. It’s far better to invest in quality items that will last longer.

Ask Yourself If You Need It

It’s all too easy to get tempted by the shiny deals and promotions. However, before you buy, ask yourself a couple of questions. Could you buy what you’re looking for second-hand? Is the item replacing something that is broken? Could you get it easily repaired?

Electronics are a popular buy but do you really need that upgrade? Is the newest model honestly that much better? Waiting until you truly need to replace the item will reduce waste and conserve precious resources.

Be Savvy About Who and Where You Buy From

If you want to reduce waste this Black Friday, think about the retailer you’re buying from. Do they have a good track record when it comes to reducing carbon emissions? Look at their website for what they offer. Do they ship with less packaging? Do they use recyclable packaging? What are their green credentials?

Another important consideration is where the retailer is based. Domestic local shipping produces fewer carbon emissions than international shipping via air.

Recycle Black Friday Packaging Properly    

Once your purchases arrive, you know the drill. Reuse, recycle, or compost packaging wherever you can. Are you going to be shopping in the Black Friday sales this year? We hope we’ve inspired you to be savvy and reduce your waste. For more tips on sustainable living and reducing waste, check out the rest of our blog.

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