First Time Buyer

If you are new to WheelieBins let me be the first to say a big WELCOME! As one of the largest UK suppliers of wheelie bins to everyone from homes and offices, to schools and hospitals we greatly value all of our customers and will do everything to ensure your shopping experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

We have tried to make the shopping process as easy as possible, however should you encounter any difficulties you can always pick up the phone and speak to one of our experts. We can even take the order over the phone if you are having difficulties navigating through any part of our website.

We understand that trusting anyone across a computer screen is a difficult decision, so we have tried to put in place every measure to reassure you.

Sage Pay Payment Gateway

When you go through to the checkout page you enter your address details here and any additional information, such as a safe place to leave the bin if you are out. When you click the make payment button you get taken to the Sage Pay secure site to make a card or PayPal payment. Sage Pay is the fastest growing payment provider and is part of one of the most well known UK brands - Sage. You can rest assured that all of your details are 100% secure and no one from Sage Pay, WheelieBins or anyone apart from you can see any of your card information. All we get as a merchant is either a success confirmation or declined message.


1. Find the product you want

Categories: Simply choose one of the categories at the top of the website
Search: If you know the size or product name then use the search bar next to the categories.
Or why not take a look through our following links, our team have helpfully sorted your options into easy to navigate options:

Featured Products

Domestic Wheelie Bins

Commercial Wheelie Bins

2. Add to basket

When you have found the product you would like to buy simply enter the quantity and click 'ADD TO BASKET' (do not worry you have not bought anything yet). This will take you to the view basket stage where you can review all information, revise the quantity, delete items or continue shopping for more items. Once you are happy click 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT'

3. Checkout

On this page you will enter in your billing details and choose whether to have delivery to your billing address or to an alternative address such as your place of work. Once you have entered in the address details and contact information you will then be able to select how you want to pay. If you select to pay by debit or credit card then when you click 'Make Payment Here' you will get taken to Sage Pay to complete payment securely. If you select to pay by cheque, bacs or telephone then you will still need to click the 'Make Payment Now' button and we will call you for more information.

No money will be taken until you have gone to Sage Pay, selected your card type, entered your card information and clicked 'Make Payment'. If at any point you get stuck then please contact us on 01684 292727 and we will be more than happy to help.