Confidential Wheelie Bins

In an era of data protection and confidentiality, our Confidential Waste Wheelie Bins are the trusted choice for keeping your sensitive documents secure. With built-in locks and robust security features, these bins ensure your confidential waste remains protected until it's ready for shredding and disposal.

  • Confidential Waste Wheelie Bin

    When it comes to protecting your sensitive and confidential documents from prying eyes, our Confidential Waste Wheelie Bin is the ideal solution. These secure and lockable bins keep all confidential waste safely contained until it is ready for shredding and disposal. 

    The optional paper slot and lock mechanism allow access to authorised employees only and ensure documents can be disposed of easily. Whether you need to dispose of medical documents, financial records or sensitive client information, our Confidential Wheelie Bin meets the strictest privacy and security requirements. 

    And when it comes to build and durability, our Confidential Wheelie Bin comes into its own. Compliance with EN840 ensures these bins are safe to handle and compatible with all UK refuse vehicles. They are also easy to manoeuvre thanks to their durable wheels and axle. Reduce the risk of your documents getting into the wrong hands by placing an order today.

    • A Triangular Lock,
    • Slot Aperture,
    • Deflector Plate,

    They are available in other colours including red, green and black wheelie bins.


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Ideal for businesses seeking compliance with GDPR regulations, our Confidential Waste Wheelie Bins offer peace of mind in the face of increasing privacy concerns. The optional paper slot and lock mechanism allow your employees to conveniently add paper waste to the bin while safeguarding the contents securely.

As with all of the wheelie bins in our range, our Confidential Waste Wheelie Bins are built to withstand the elements, are resistant to UV damage and deliver long-lasting performance. They are also compliant with EN840 standards.

Our Confidential Waste Wheelie Bins are available in a range of sizes and a selection of colours, including blue, green, red and black. Our team would be delighted to tell you more about our range and help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.