1280 Litre

The 1280 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin is our biggest bin yet, boasting a remarkable load capacity of 440kg while maintaining the same footprint as our 1100-litre wheel bin. These colossal bins offer the perfect solution for commercial premises, industrial environments and residential blocks. As with all our bins, these are suitable for use with all waste collection vehicles in the UK.

  • EN840,
  • BS9001:2005,
  • BS14001 standards,
  • 1280 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin

    Our 1280 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin is the big daddy of our range and offers an impressive load capacity of 440kg. And yet, it has the same footprint as our 1100 litre wheelie bin. These large wheelie bins boast an impressive capacity and are perfect for large-scale waste requirements.

    When you’re looking to maximise waste storage but reduce collection frequency, the 1280 Litre Wheelie Bin is the perfect solution. Crafted from pressed drawn steel, these bins are engineered to last and conform to EN840, the European benchmark for emptying interoperability and handling safety. 

    The comb edge design ensures compatibility with all UK refuse vehicles, making collections safe, easy and efficient. 200mm swivel and brake casters keep your bin in place when stationary and ensure easy movement on collection day. What’s more, we give you the freedom to tailor your 1280 Litre Metal Wheelie Bin your way. From recycling lids to vinyl graphics, the choice is yours.


    • Manufactured and tested to EN840 (EN840 is the Europe-wide standard for emptying interoperability and handling safety).
    • Danish handles are fitted as standard which offers improved manoeuvrability and health and safety benefits.
    • Comb edge which is compatible with all standard lifting equipment.
    • Fitted with a drain plug as standard to get rid of any liquid and to make cleaning a lot easier.
    • 200mm swivel and brake castors as standard.
    • Available with a range of options including recycling lids, heavy duty vinyl graphics for recycling or your logo
    • Fire proof body
    • Load capacity 440kg


    Width 1260 mm

    Height 1410 mm

    Depth 1010 mm

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Large volumes of waste can be a challenge to store and manage across multiple smaller wheelie bins. Solve the problem instantly with our 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins. This is a bin designed to last for years and handle the heaviest loads. Crafted from robust pressed drawn steel, these bins are engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions and environments.

Like all of the wheelie bins in our range, our 1280 Litre Wheelie Bins are built and tested to comply with EN840 which stands for handling and interoperability. It means they can be lifted and emptied safely and easily by any UK refuse vehicle. That means effortless collections and efficient waste management.

The 200mm swivel and brake casters provide safe and effortless movement on collection day and reliable stability when your bin is back at base. Check out the customisation features we have to offer and tailor your bin your way.