Your Wheelie Bin does a fantastic job of keeping your waste contained and out of sight. Our Wheelie Bin Liners take this convenience to the next level, keeping your bin clean between collections by preventing leaks and keeping odours under control. Simply open your Wheelie Bin Liner up, pop it in, and your bin will be kept clean, fresh, and odour-free.

  • 240 Litre Wheelie Bin Liners

    Experience the convenience of our 240 Litre Compactor Sacks. These spacious, heavy-duty wheelie bin liners are effortless to use and fit our 180 and 240 Litre Wheelie Bins.

    The strong and rigid design of our black wheelie bin liners makes them suitable for lifting out of your bin without splitting. Their strength is proven by their CHSA approval and ability to hold and contain up to 18 kg of waste. Most importantly, these liners keep the interior of your wheelie bin clean and dry and less likely to attract flies and other insects. 

    Whether it’s for home, commercial, or industrial use, you can rely on these liners to manage your waste and keep your bin pristine. Plus, with each pack containing 100 sacks, a single pack could last an impressive two years if you use one a week. That’s amazing value!

    • CHSA approved to 18 kg +
    • Strong and rigid design suitable for lifting out of the bin
    • Suitable for 240-litre wheelie bins
    • 100 Pieces per box
    • Perfect for commercial and industrial



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  • 140 Litre Compactor Sacks

    Spacious, strong and easy to open and fit, our 140 Litre Compactor Sacks are designed to fit our 120 and 140 litre wheelie bins. 

    Nobody likes dealing with a dirty and smelly wheelie bin, especially during the summer months. Our convenient and versatile wheelie bin liners protect the inside of your wheelie bin, keeping it clean and dry, and less of a temptation for insects and other pests. 

    Our bags are strong, too, and CHSA-approved to hold up to 20 kg. They’re suitable for home, commercial and industrial use and come in a pack of 100—if you use one bag a week, one pack could last you two years! That’s amazing value.

    CHSA approved to 20 kg

    • 140 Litre black compactor sacks
    • CHSA approved to 20 kg
    • 100 Bags per box
    • Suitable for heavy purpose and industrial





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Do you dread opening your wheelie bin? Are leaks, spills around the edge of your bin and odours making you close your eyes and hold your nose as you toss your rubbish in as quickly as possible? Our Wheelie Bin Liners will keep your bin fresh and clean inside and around the rim, and make disposing of waste a much more pleasant experience.

Our Wheelie Bin Liners are strong, dependable, and available in a range of sizes. They ensure a snug fit and will stay in place. Their durable construction means they can stand up to all waste requirements, including general waste, recyclables, and garden waste.

Say goodbye to messy, smelly and embarrassing bins and hello to a cleaner and fresher bin you can place anywhere. You might also want to consider our Wheelie Bin Storage solutions. They conceal your bin and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. For an even fresher-smelling bin, check out our Bin Buddy Bin Deodorant.