Bottle Bins

Our Bottle Bins are designed to make bottle recycling easy, efficient and safe. Lightweight, durable and available in a range of colours and sizes, our bottle bins help you to meet your recycling needs and commitments and will give you many years of reliable performance.
  • Large Bottle Skips

    When you’re looking for Large Bottle Skips that make bottle recycling efficient and convenient, we offer a wide range to choose from. Made in the UK from high-quality food-grade polyethylene, our bottle skips are built to withstand the busiest of environments.

    Featuring four castor wheels, our Large Bottle Skips glide effortlessly over smooth floor surfaces, allowing staff to move them with minimal effort. When not in use, their unique anti-jam design ensures these bins can be easily nested and stacked, optimising storage space. 

    We offer our Large Bottle Skips in a wide selection of sizes ranging from 135 litres to 185 litres. Whether you need to collect bottles in a bustling restaurant or busy event venue, our bottle bins help to make bottle collection and recycling effortless. Choose from a range of colours.

    Bottle Skip Dimensions

    • 135 Litre - 650mm x 460mm x 660mm

    • 150 Litre - 615mm x 455mm x 750mm

    • 165 Litre - 820mm x 455mm x 620mm

    • 185 Litre - 670mm x 615mm x 620mm

    (L x W x H)

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  • Recycled Bottle Skips - Available in 5 Sizes

    Our Recycled Bottle Skips offer a double whammy when it comes to protecting the environment; not only do they help you to recycle efficiently but are made from recycled materials, too. Manufactured from robust and durable polyethylene, these bottle skips are built to last and promote responsible disposal of bottles. 

    Designed for efficiency, our Recycled Bottle Skips are fitted with four swivel castors, making it easy to move these bins around the workplace, whether it’s a lively bar, bustling restaurant, or any business that’s passionate about the planet. 

    Our Recycled Bottle Bins are available in a variety of sizes, offering flexibility to suit your specific needs and requirements. Whether you choose 125 Litre Bottle Bin or the 185 Litre Bottle Bin, you’ll be making a wise choice that gives you many years of dependable use.


    • UK manufactured
    • Available in 5 sizes
    • Recycled content
    • Lightweight and easy to move


    • 01 - External dimensions: 660 x 470 x 690mm (L x W x H) - 125 Litre
    • 02 - External dimensions: 600 x 445 x 795mm (L x W x H) - 130 Litre
    • 03 - External dimensions: 815 x 445 x 670mm (L x W x H) - 160 Litre
    • 04 - External dimensions: 970 x 360 x 670mm (L x W x H) - 160 Litre
    • 05 - External dimensions: 660 x 620 x 695mm (L x W x H) - 185 Litre


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When you need to recycle large volumes of bottles, we have you covered with our range of Bottle Bins. Manufactured to the highest standards, our bottle bins and skips are built to last and provide easy collection and storage of bottles ready for recycling. They’re watertight too, ensuring any spills or drips are contained. >br>
Speaking of spills, our Bottle Bins are also easy to keep clean thanks to their open tops and easy access to the inside of the bin. Choose from our 120 Litre Bottle Bin up to our 185 Litre Bottle Skip. All are designed with busy commercial environments in mind and won’t let you down.

Each of our Bottle Bins features swivel castors, ensuring moving your bins from place to place is effortless even when full. Some models can be nested and stacked helping you to create extra space when your bins are not in use. When you’re looking for the perfect bottle recycling solution for your restaurant, bar, or venue, our bins are the perfect choice.