What are Coloured Wheelie Bins Used For?

Coloured Wheelie Bins

Almost every home and business across the UK has a selection of bins in every colour of the rainbow. So why are our bins different colours and what are coloured wheelie bins used for?

Why are wheelie bins different colours?

Rules differ between councils

Councils have different rules and provide different collection services, so coloured bins help residents know what goes in each.

Different colours are symbolic

Some businesses want wheelie bins that fit with their brand colours. Some councils choose a colour that everyone can agree on. Take Liverpool City Council for example, which has opted for purple bins to symbolise the mixture of Liverpool red and Everton blue. In a city of two halves, purple wheelie bins are a pretty good compromise!

Some bins need to be more visible

Think about clinical waste bins in hospitals. They are bright yellow and they’re that colour for a reason. Yellow bins are much easier to spot and it helps ensure that people don’t put hazardous waste in normal rubbish bins.

What are black/grey wheelie bins used for?

Black or grey coloured wheelie bins are the most common bin colours. In the UK, they are instantly recognisable as being general waste bins. We all have recycling bins now, so this bin is for anything that’s non-recyclable or for food waste if your council doesn’t collect it.

Our black wheelie bins come in a range of sizes from standard household sizes (140 and 240-litres), to large industrial bins with a 660, 1100, or 1280-litre capacity.

What are yellow wheelie bins used for?

Yellow is often synonymous with clinical waste, but our yellow bins actually have many uses. They’re a popular choice with our trade customers and some domestic customers. It’s little wonder, since they are high-quality, easy to clean, and UV, heat, and frost resistant. They come in a range of sizes from 50-litres all the way up to 1100-litres.

What are green wheelie bins used for?

Green wheelie bins are often used for recycling, but in some areas, they’re used for garden waste. Being durable and UV-resistant means they’re made to last, even when they’re up against the British weather!  In our range, you’ll find green bins in sizes ranging from 80-litres to a whopping 1280 litres.

What are brown wheelie bins used for?

If you don’t have a green bin for your garden waste, you’ll have a brown one. Available in a range of sizes, these bins are lightweight enough to move around but durable enough to keep your garden waste secure until collection day.

What are red wheelie bins used for?

Not the most commonly seen coloured wheelie bin, red bins are used by businesses and councils for collecting waste and recycling. Their vivid colour is easy to spot, so they make a good addition to any colour coded waste management system. Our range has red bins in sizes ranging from 50-litres all the way up to 1100-litres, so they’re suitable for a range of customers and uses. What’s even better is they’re easy to clean and UV-resistant, so that eye-catching red hue will never fade.

What are orange wheelie bins used for?

The secret to successful recycling in the workplace is to make it easy. What could be easier than spotting a bright orange bin? The fact that they stand out so much comes in handy in healthcare environments where they’re used for the disposal of hazardous or infectious waste. Our range has orange wheelie bins from standard wheelie bin sizes all the way up to 1100-litre industrial bins.

What are blue wheelie bins used for?

Blue bins are often used for recycling, especially for collecting waste paper. Businesses that need to dispose of confidential papers will benefit from the blue wheelie bins in our range which are available with locks and paper apertures to keep waste secure.

What are purple wheelie bins used for?

Purple coloured wheelie bins aren’t that common, but they are striking. Like we mentioned earlier, the city of Liverpool has adopted purple bins as an alternative to red wheelies. The result? Residents can recycle paper and cardboard separately from the rest of their waste, and the blue half of the city isn’t upset!

Our purple wheelies are suitable for council use and are certified to EN840. You'll find them in a range of sizes from 240-litre bins to 1100-litre commercial wheelie bins

Looking for coloured wheelie bins?

Our wheelie bins are available in all the colours of the rainbow and in a range of sizes too, depending on your needs. Whatever colour you choose, you’ll have peace of mind that our wheelies are suitable for council use, certified to EN840, and made to last.

To find your perfect bin and get the best deal possible, get in touch with our friendly sales team who’ll help you find your match. For more articles on all things wheelie bins and waste management, check out the rest of our blog.