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The traditional dustbin is still popular with many households. Versatile, weather-resistant and made from high-quality materials, our Dustbins stand the test of time and take care of your weekly waste. They are also ideal for storing grain and pet food.


85 Litre Clip On Lid Dustbins

With our 85 Litre Dustbin With Clip-On Lid, you’ll always have a convenient, hygienic and efficient way to dispose of your weekly waste. Our heavy-duty plastic dustbins come with a secure clip-on lid to keep waste in place and bad odours at bay. They're made from food-grade plastic so can also be used indoors or outdoors to store pet food or grain. 

Our 85 Litre Dustbin With Clip-On Lid is built to last and to withstand the rigours of everyday use. We offer this dustbin in a range of five colours to suit your preferences. Whether you’re using your dustbin for bottles or general waste or to store your dog’s favourite kibble, it will keep your space clean and organised. 

This dustbin also features handles on either side to make transferring your bin from one place to another easy. Keep your rubbish out of sight and neatly stored before collection day by investing in one of our Dustbins With Clip-On Lids today. With our next-day delivery option, you could have your new dustbin at your door and ready to use as early as tomorrow.

  • 85 litre heavy-duty plastic construction
  • Secure clip-on lid 
  • All colours are food-grade plastic
  • Comes in 5 colour options
  • Made in Britain
  • Made from polypropylene
  • 700 x 560mm (Diameter is measured at the widest point which is the handles on the lid. Diameter at bottom of the bin is 375mm) 

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110 Litre Plastic Outdoor Dustbins

When it comes to managing household waste efficiently, our 110 Litre Plastic Outdoor Dustbins offer a generous capacity and durability that lasts for years. They’re available in an array of colours and are suitable for a wide range of uses, including recycling, general waste, gardening waste, and even industrial use. 

The sturdy clip attachments on our 110 Litre Plastic Outdoor Dustbins ensure your lid and waste stay put, even on the gustiest of days. These versatile dustbins might be tough but they are also lightweight, making it easier to move them on collection day or when you need to change their location. 

Whether you need dustbins for household, commercial, or industrial use, the 110 Litre Plastic Outdoor Dustbins in our range will help you to manage all waste streams efficiently and with ease. And because they are made from food-grade plastic, they are also suitable for storing pet food and grain.

  • Large 110 litre capacity
  • Available in black, green, blue, red and yellow
  • Heavy duty dustbins with secure clip on lids
  • Multiple uses including gardening, recycling, industrial use, warehouse bins 
  • All colours are food grade plastic
  • Rated to hold 110kg
  • Made from polypropylene
  • 720 x 590mm (Diameter is measured at the widest point which is the handles on the lid. Diameter at bottom of bin is 435mm) 

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Robust Black Versatile Dustbin - 94 Litre

Our 94 Litre Robust Black Versatile Dustbin might be simple in design but it’s big on functionality and convenience. Whether you need a new dustbin for gardening waste, general waste or recycling, this bin is more than up for the task. 

When it comes to value for money, the 94 Litre Robust Black Versatile Dustbin really stands out. Made in the UK from high-quality water-resistant materials, this dustbin is designed to stand up to all the British weather has to throw at it. It’s convenient to use, too. Simply lift the lid, throw in your waste, and you’re done. Plus, its lightweight construction and side handles mean it’s easy to move, too. 

Whether you are looking for a new dustbin for general waste, plastics, cans, bottles, or for storing dry pet food, our 94 Litre Robust Black Versatile Dustbin is the perfect choice. Order today and you could have your dustbin with you as early as tomorrow with our next-day delivery option.

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Metal Trash Can

Our Metal Trash Can is designed to take care of your waste with the least amount of fuss. Simply lift the lid, toss in the waste and your rubbish will be contained securely until it’s ready to be collected. When you’re looking for a robust, smart and convenient way to store rubbish until collection day, this dustbin won’t let you down. 

It might surprise you to know that our Metal Trash Can is available in an array of bright colours, as well as the traditional galvanised “silver” style. This means you can choose a bin that matches your outdoor decor, or the specific waste stream you want to use it for. Always check with your local council which colours they accept before placing an order. 

And when it comes to the elements, your Metal Trash Can will stand up to the most extreme weather, from frost to heavy rain. It’s resistant to corrosion and will give you many years of dependable use. We also offer next-day delivery on this metal dustbin, perfect if you need a new dustbin urgently.

  • All metal construction
  • Lift off lid
  • Side carry handles
  • Available in 5 colour options
  • Manufactured in the UK

Trashcan Dimensions

700mm (Height) x 530mm (Diameter)

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As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and the same can be said for the humble dustbin. While their design hasn’t changed for decades, our Dustbins are just as useful as ever. We offer them in a wide range of colours, allowing you to choose the shade that suits your council’s waste streams or even your decor.

With features such as clip-on lids to keep waste secure, our Dustbins provide you with a versatile, secure and convenient waste disposal solution. They are especially popular in areas that don’t yet use wheelie bins and where dustbins and black sacks are used instead. From our brightly coloured 85 Litre Clip On Lid Dustbins to our Metal Trash Cans, we have your needs covered.

Whether you’re looking for indoor dustbins for the office or an outdoor dustbin for the garden or outside your kitchen door, we offer a wide selection. From plastics or general waste to compost or bottles, our Dustbins are suitable for many different waste streams.

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