Can I Buy My Own Wheelie Bin?

Can I Buy My Own Wheelie Bin?

Has your wheelie bin been damaged, lost, or stolen? Or does your current wheelie just not have enough capacity for your rubbish? There are several reasons why you might need to buy a wheelie bin. However, if you got your old or current bin from the council, you might want to know ‘can I buy my own wheelie bin?’

Why You Might Need a New Wheelie Bin

There are a few occasions when you might consider buying your own wheelie bin:

  • If your current bin is cracked or otherwise damaged;
  • If your wheelie gets lost or stolen;
  • When you move into a new house and there’s no bin at the property.

Can I Buy My Own Wheelie Bin?

This is a difficult question to answer because rules differ between councils. Legally, councils must collect household waste, but they’ll only collect if it’s in an approved container. That means it’s a particular size and it’s compatible with the mechanical lifting equipment on refuse vehicles. So there’s every chance that if you buy your own wheelie bin, the council won’t empty it if it’s the wrong specification.

Before you buy a wheelie bin, we’d always recommend checking with your local council to make sure it’s the right size and spec.

If the Council Replaces My Bin, Can They Charge Me?

Many people think ‘I may as well buy my own wheelie bin’ because the council charges them for replacements anyway. It’s true that in most cases, councils will charge you for a replacement bin. The only time they probably won’t is if your bin is damaged and it’s their fault.

Otherwise, thanks to government funding cuts, cash-strapped councils can no longer afford to replace stolen, lost, or vandalised bins for free.

Charges for replacement wheelies vary between councils. For example, Nottingham City Council charges £20 per bin while Brent Council charges around £50. The charge generally covers the administrative and delivery costs involved in supplying households with new bins.

If you’ve had to pay to replace one or more bins, you’re probably wondering why your council tax doesn’t cover it. It’s because council tax pays for waste collection and disposal, not for providing bins.

Should I Buy My Own Wheelie Bin if My Current Bin Just isn’t Big Enough?

Do you have a big family? Do you find that you’re consistently producing a lot of waste that your wheelie just can’t handle? We’d suggest a few solutions in this case:

  • Look at how you can reduce your waste;
  • Speak to your council. Maybe they can provide a larger bin. If they can’t, then you might want to consider buying your own bin. Tell them that it’s your intention though to make sure that 1) You’re permitted to do so, and 2) That you get the right size bin.

I’m Buying My Own Wheelie Bin - What Size Do I Need?

To make sure you buy the right size wheelie, consider the size of your household and how often you fill your kitchen bin.

The best size bin for your household

Small households – 120 litres - 240 litres

Large households – 240 litres - 360 litre bins

How often do you fill your kitchen bin?

Once per week – a 120/240-litre bin is best.

Twice per week – a 240-litre bin is the bin of choice for you.

More than twice per week – a 360-litre bin is best for your household.

We hope we’ve answered your burning questions on whether you should buy your own wheelie bin. For more articles on what wheelie bin size you need or garden storage solutions, check out the rest of our blog 

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