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How Criminals Can Use Your Wheelie Bin and How to Stop Them

How Criminals Can Use Your Wheelie Bin and How to Stop Them

How Criminals Can Use Your Wheelie
Bin-And How to Stop Them


Police often warn us about keeping our wheelie bins safe and secure to protect our property and belongings, but do you know that there are more than a few ways that criminals can use your wheelie bin to access your property?

They can climb on them to scale your garden wall or fence

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your bin next to a wall or fence, especially where there’s a flat roof near a window where they could gain access to your property. If you’re out of inspiration about where to store it, why not think about investing in wheelie bin storage, or if you’re a DIY buff, building your own?

They’ll look for bins left out in the street

Not always, but if your bin is left out in the street, it can mean you’re not home yet, and thieves will take notice. Always take your bin in as soon as you can after it’s emptied or ask a neighbour to take yours in if you’re going to be home late. And of course, return the favour.


Criminals Can Use Your Wheelie Bin


They’ll use it to transport stolen items

Wheelie bins have a generous capacity, and they’re easy to move, so they’re quite a convenient way for thieves to transport stolen goods undetected.

They can use it to steal your identity

If you throw away letters, bank statements, or any documentation with identifiable information on, criminals can use your details to steal your identity. They can then apply for loans and credit cards in your name, and the first thing you’ll know about it is when you get a huge bill landing on your door mat. Always shred information before you throw it away and ask the bank for electronic statements instead of paper ones (better for the environment too).

They can commit arson

Wheelie bins that are left out on the street, or even bins in your garden can be a target for vandals and arsonists. Wheelie bin fires can really do some damage if they spread out of control, especially if they are located next to property or a wooden fence. Make sure your wheelie bins are not left out in the street for too long. Consider investing in a wheelie bin lock so unauthorised people can’t get access to it and set the contents alight.

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