42 quick tips for recycling at work

42 quick tips for recycling at work

42 Quick Tips For Recycling At Work


Recycling is all about using resources efficiently, getting the most out of them whilst creating as little waste as possible. Here are our quick and highly efficient tips for creating minimal waste:

-- Start by asking what you can recycle
-- Next, ask why you should recycle.
-- Then ask how.
-- Workplaces starting a new recycling policy can benefit from a promoted launch day.
-- Get to grips with your employer's existing recycling policy.
-- Engage customers and partners positively in recycling – make it a selling point.
-- Bring food and drink in reusable packets.
-- Don't use water machines with cones.
-- Print on both sides of the paper.
-- Swot up on policy and legislation. You could save yourself or your employer money, which is never bad for your career.
-- Remember what goes in which bin.
-- Don't throw recyclable items in the waste bin.
-- Bright bins and signage make recycling easier.
-- Use post-it notes for notes, not A4.

Recycling at Work

-- Remind your boss to engage with recycling whenever possible, especially when you work in a small business.
-- Reduction and reuse is better than recycling.
-- Print cartridges are major wastes – look to refill them, not replace them.
-- Plan to gradually expand the recycling system.
-- Recycle used food and drink packets – most coffee machines let you refill a used cup.
-- Everyone needs reminding now and then. Be that reminder.
-- Pictures of what should go in which bin are useful.
-- Don't mix up your bins.
-- Minimise general waste bins and maximise separate recycling bins.
-- Keep it simple, as complicated recycling policies help nobody.
-- Spread the message to colleagues, partners, contacts, customers and service users.
-- Cut down paper consumption.
-- Reuse erroneous print jobs. Those one-line error jobs make excellent notepaper.
-- Recycling awareness is valuable; let your colleagues know why it is important.
-- Appeal to your colleagues’ beliefs, understandings and habits.
-- Everyone has a reason to recycle: Conservatives can conserve and left-wingers can be productive.
-- Business owners, use your environmentalism as a selling point.
-- Managers, use your efficiency as an inspiration.
-- Make your office supplies last longer.
-- Make it easy to run. Managers and cleaners don't need to be wasting time on policy meetings.
-- If you're in a public fronted industry, get the public involved.
-- Customers need even clearer signage than colleagues because you're not there to explain to them.
-- When you think that you're recycling everything possible, get online and see how you can recycle more.
-- There are always more efficiency savings to be had. Just listen to the government.
-- Make sure you know everything there is to know about recycling in your workplace. This article is a good start.
-- Become the go-to-guy or gal for recycling and earn respect.
-- Managers and employers, create individual and group reward systems to increase recycling success.
-- Always remember why you're doing it.

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