What Size Is My Wheelie Bin - A Simple Guide

What Size Is My Wheelie Bin - A Simple Guide

Wheelie bins come in all shapes and sizes in the UK. They come in a veritable rainbow of colours too. But how tall are they? How wide are they? Most wheelie bins are measured by their litre capacity, not by length, height and width, and this can make things difficult when measuring up for a wheelie bin store.

In this simple helpful guide, we’ll provide you with wheelie bin dimensions for the most popular council bin sizes in the UK. Armed with this information, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your bins will fit comfortably inside your chosen wheelie bin storage unit. 

Wheelie Bin Sizes & Dimensions

When local councils first introduced wheelie bins back in the 1980s, the standard size was 240 litres, but many authorities have since reduced the size of their wheelie bins to cut expenses and meet recycling targets.

While 240-litre wheelie bins remain the most popular size in the UK today, an estimated one in four households has 180 or 140-litre receptacles. As compensation for these smaller bins, local authorities issued recycling bins for paper, glass, plastic, metal, and food waste caddies for organic waste. Leading to many of us have a mini recycling station at home.

One of the easiest ways to keep all those bins and boxes out of sight is with a wooden wheelie bin store. To help you choose the right size for your garden, we’ve listed all the wheelie bin sizes you need below: 

80-Litre Wheelie Bin = H93 x W45 x D51 cm

120-Litre Wheelie Bin = H93 x W48 x D55 cm

140-Litre Wheelie Bin = H106 x W48 x D55 cm

240-Litre Wheelie Bin = H107 x W58 x D74 cm

360-Litre Wheelie Bin = H112 x W60 x D88 cm

500-Litre Wheelie Bin = H114 x W136 x D66 cm

660-Litre Wheelie Bin = H121 x W137 x D78 cm

770-Litre Wheelie Bin = H137 x W137 x D78 cm

1100-Litre Wheelie Bin = H139 x W137 X D118 cm

However, please note that all measurements are averages and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What Size Is My Wheelie Bin?

Most wheelie bins are injection-moulded plastic and have their size imprinted into the lid. Your bins should be marked with the manufacturer's name, its litre capacity and its maximum weight load capacity

If you cannot find this information listed on your bin, check with your local authority. They who should be able to give you the litre capacity if nothing else. Councils in the UK will only collect certain bins. So when buying a new wheelie bin online, check that it has this before you add it to your shopping cart.

Choosing The Right One For Your Home

If your council-issued wheelie bin doesn’t work for you, you can always replace it with a better size. Wheelie bins are widely available to purchase here, they are relatively inexpensive.

140-litre wheelie bins can typically hold up to two black bin bags and support loads of up to 55kg. While standard 240-litre wheelie bins can accommodate up to five filled bags and carry up to 95kg. So it all depends on how much household waste you produce each week and how often your local authority collects.

Most single, double and triple wheelie bin stores can accommodate up to 240-litre wheelie bins, which are more than big enough for busy family homes. However, if you have a 360 litre wheelie bin you can contact us via our live chat to discuss the options. Commercial and industrial wheelie bin storage is available via our live chat or contact form.