How to Stop Wheelie Bins Blowing Away

How to Stop Wheelie Bins Blowing Away

We’ve all laughed at the dramatic weather reports complete with images of wheelie bins blowing away.

However, when it’s your bin that’s halfway down the street, it’s no laughing matter.

So how can you stop your wheelie bin from blowing away in wet and windy weather?

Top Tips to Stop Wheelie Bins Blowing Away

#1 Put it out as close to collection time as possible

If your mornings are super busy, it might seem more convenient to put your bin out the night before collection. But the UK weather is unpredictable. If things take a turn for the worse overnight, your bin could blow away, never to be seen again. Try to put it out as close to your collection time as you can.

#2 Think safety in numbers

When you do put your wheelie out, think safety in numbers. If you and a few neighbours jam your bins together, it can keep them stable and secure.

#3 Be savvy about bin storage

If you want to stop your wheelie bins from blowing away, storing them somewhere secure is key. Try storing them in the garage or next to a wall or fence to protect them from the elements.

If you really want to keep your bins secure, you could also invest in a wheelie bin storage unit. As well as protecting bins from the worst of the weather, they’ll also hide them from pests and thieves.

#4 Got nowhere secure to store your bins? Try these ideas

Hooks and a bungee rope

Fit some hooks to a wall or fence and tie a bungee cord around your bins to keep them secure. No, it doesn’t look that great. But if you’re desperate to stop your bin from ending up in next door’s garden, it could help. 

A bin lock

There are lots of different wheelie bin locks available to keep bins secure in bad weather. Opt for locks you can attach to walls or fence posts. Not only will they stop your wheelie bins blowing away, but they’ll also prevent thieves from going walkies with them.

Stop wheelie bins blowing away with a bicycle lock

Haven’t got around to buying a bin lock? You can just as easily use a bicycle lock. They are a quick and easy solution, especially when the weather turns bad unexpectedly. All you need to do to secure your wheelie is loop the lock around the bin handle and attach it to a fence or post. If you have several bicycle locks gathering dust in the garage, use them to lock a couple of wheelies together. Safety in numbers, remember?

#5 Use what you have to hand

If gales and driving rain are forecast, you may want to grab whatever heavy things you have to hand to secure your bin. You can position concrete slabs, heavy stones from your rockery, or a heavy plant pot around the bin wheels to stop it from blowing away. However, if you end up doing this every time there’s bad weather, it can become a little cumbersome.

What About Putting Something Heavy On or In My Bin?

If you want to stop your wheelie bins blowing away, you could just put a brick on top, right? Or maybe weigh it down with something heavy? Putting something heavy on top of your bin could be a safety hazard, especially if the bin is out in the street. Weighing your bin down with something heavy could also be an issue when it comes to actually having to move it. 

Have you got any tried and tested ways to stop your bins from blowing away? We’d love you to share them! For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins and wheelie bin storage solutions, check out the rest of our blog.