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Why Wheelie Bins May Turn Into Superbins

Why Wheelie Bins May Turn Into Superbins

If you live in an apartment building, you’re probably familiar with communal bins. But what about 'superbins'? Could huge underground communal bins make wheelie bins a thing of the past?

‘Superbins’- A Cleaner Waste Solution?

Liverpool City Council has successfully trialled huge underground communal bins in some residential areas. The so-called ‘superbins’ can store a week’s worth of rubbish from 20 homes. The trial has been a success says the council, which wants to clean up communities and tackle illegal dumping and vermin problems. The £1.5 million superbins scheme is now being rolled out to 11 other areas across Liverpool.

Each superbin is made from steel and reinforced plastic. Smart technology means an alarm sounds when the bill is full so it can be emptied. And get this; emptying the bins takes less than 10 minutes.

So are these superbins all they’re cracked up to be? Could they really replace wheelie bins? They’ve been a feature in a student area of northwest Cambridge since 2017. Residents say they’re happy they no longer have to look at unsightly bins. Not only that, they don’t have to move or store them or remember to put them out.

Are Wheelie Bins Really a Thing of the Past?

The case for Superbins

Not everyone has the space to store wheelie bins and some homes don’t have the access required for refuse vehicles;

Putting wheelie bins out for collection is tough for elderly people or those with limited mobility. However assisted collections do exist;

When people leave wheelie bins out in the street, they can cause obstructions for elderly or disabled people, or parents with pushchairs;

Many wheelie bins are a target for thieves and vandals. Most councils now charge over £40 for replacements.

The case for wheelie bins

Around 80% of councils have wheelie bins schemes that work without issues;

Wheelie bins are made to last and are cost-effective. They’re made of a durable plastic called polyethene which is resistant to cracking and bending. Most are also UV resistant so they can withstand anything that the British weather throws at them;

You can personalise your bin with stickers so it’s recognisable as yours. This can also protect against theft. A brightly decorated bin is far less conspicuous and more likely to be spotted if it’s stolen. Many wheelie bins are recyclable at the end of their life. They also have other uses including compost bins and storage solutions.

Call us biased, but we can’t imagine a world without wheelies. They may not be the most glamorous of items, but they’re an important part of our daily lives. Anything that improves recycling reduces litter and cleans up communities is fine by us. However, we think there’ll always be room for wheelie bins!

What Makes Our Wheelies a Cut Above?

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Want help and advice on choosing the perfect bin for your needs? Get in touch with our friendly sales team (info@wheeliebins.co.uk). For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins, check out the rest of our blog.

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