Wheelie Bin News Roundup 5th August

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 5th August

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 5th August

Bristol council are set to crack down on households that have more than one black wheelie bin. Ordinarily, residents can have more than one in exceptional circumstances, but some households have managed to get extra bins regardless.

Now as part of a bid to reduce the amount of household waste going to landfill, the council is planning to track down and remove any extra wheelie bins that aren’t needed.

Bristol council aims to reduce the amount of waste created per person from 200kg to 150kg per year by 2025. It also wants to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill from the current 15% to 5% by 2030.

The council meeting heard that around 50% of the waste that’s currently being put in black bins could be recycled, so by removing extra waste bins, it would encourage people to recycle more and create less waste. Residents who are in genuine need of an extra bin will be able to ask to keep it.


A fed up resident in Sydney has scrawled expletives all over their bin after getting so fed up of their neighbours using it. The bin was covered in swear words and threatening language, much of which we can’t actually repeat here, but suffice to say, this person was not a happy bunny!

They made reference to being ‘sick of the cockroaches filling up my bin!’- and this is one of the more pleasant rantings!

The bin handles had also been fitted with a zip tie on each side, probably to cause harm to anyone who tried to lift the lid.  Photos of the bin were shared on social media, and many people came out in support of the angry resident, commenting that they would be fed up if people rubbish in their bin all of the time. Others thought the man should relax a bit and joked that they would use the bin just because he didn’t want them to.



There have been calls in Norwich for the council to fine anyone who leaves their bins out on the pavement for too long. The council introduced wheelie bins for recycling and general waste back in 2008.

Under the Environmental Protection Act, the council can issue warning notices to people who put their bins out earlier than 6pm the evening before their collection, or who don’t return it to their property by 9pm on the day of the collection. Anyone who disobeys the warning can be fined £80, but nobody has ever received a fine, much to the annoyance of local councillors who say they get complaints from their constituents all of the time about wheelie bins blocking pavements.

One councillor commented that not only do they look unsightly, wheelie bins can block safe routes for pedestrians, especially those with young children and disabilities.

The labour held council hit back though, saying that education was preferable to enforcement and that’s why no fines had been handed out.