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Wheelie Bin Liners: Our Guide

Wheelie Bin Liners: Our Guide

We all know that wheelie bins are the practical workhorses of our daily lives. However, they’d be in a sorry state without wheelie bin liners. If your wheelie smells less than fresh or you’re constantly struggling with spillages.  Here’s our guide to the wheelie bin liners you need.

Why Use a Wheelie Bin Liner?

Putting rubbish in your wheelie without using a bin liner is just asking for trouble. Smells, spillages, and hard-to-remove gunk are just a few of the issues you’ll face. However, use wheelie bin liners and you can simply lift your rubbish outcome collection day. No smells, no mess, no fuss.

What are the Benefits of Using Wheelie Bin Liners?

Apart from keeping your wheelie bin free from smells and germs, there are a lot of extra benefits like;

They are strong and durable;

They fit the most popular wheelie bin sizes (140 litres and 240 litres);

You can use the more heavy-duty compactor sacks for industrial waste and other types of waste.

Wheelie Bin Liner Buying Guide

Which Wheelie Bin Liners Do I Need?

When you’re choosing wheelie bin liners, there are a few things you need to consider;

  • The type of waste that will go in them. Household and general waste can go in standard wheelie bin liners. However, if you have construction or industrial waste, compactor sacks are a better choice.
  • The size you’ll need. Liners are available in different sizes to suit different-sized wheelie bins. Our bin liners fit 140-litre and 240-litre wheelie bins.
  • What capacity do you need? The last thing you want is a ripped bin liner that spills your rubbish everywhere. Make sure you choose a bin liner that’s strong enough to handle the weight of your waste.

Know Your Product Descriptions

If you’re looking for the right liners for your bin, it’s important to look at product descriptions and know what they mean. Here’s what you’re likely to see and what it means.

Refuse Sacks: General use bin liners. You’ll use these mainly for household and general rubbish.

Compactor Sacks: These are larger bin bags that you can use for heavy-duty waste like industrial or construction waste. Typically these bags are around 140 litres making them also suitable for both 120 and 140 litre wheelie bins.

Light Duty: These wheelie bin liners will feel crinkly to touch and a little on the thin side. They won’t have much give.

Heavy Duty: These liners are usually made from low density (LD) polythene and they’ll feel smooth and a bit more stretchy.

CHSA: CHSA is the Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme for plastic refuse sacks. If wheelie bin liners are CHSA accredited to a certain capacity, it means they can definitely hold that amount of weight.

Choosing the Right Size Bin Liner

Choosing the right size wheelie bin liners is a must. If you choose a liner that’s too big, you’ll have a lot of liner hanging over the bin. If your bin liner is too small, it won’t reach the bottom of the bin or it might be too hard to secure when it’s at full capacity.

Yes, you can go from the guide size, however, take our 140-litre compactor sacks for example. They are also suitable for 120-litre bins and larger dustbins. It pays to know these 3 measurements so you can best judge which liner fits your bin.

Face width –  This is then sealed closed width of the bottom of the bin liner.

Open width – This is the width of the bin liner when it’s as open as you can get it.

Length –  How long the bin liner is from top to bottom.

Looking for Wheelie Bin Liners?

Keep nasty smells at bay and make disposing of your waste super easy with our range of quality bin liners. Whether you need them for the home or your business, they’re the practical wheelie bin add-on that takes the messiness out of managing rubbish.

Need advice about which bin liners you should opt for? Our friendly sales team are always happy to help.

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