Wheelie Bin Weight, A Guide

Wheelie Bin Weight

How heavy is too heavy for a wheelie bin? Overloaded bins are a health and safety issue. If you didn’t know already, wheelie bins have a weight limit to protect refuse collectors and bin lorries. So how much should a wheelie bin weigh?

What is the weight limit for wheelie bins?

Among the reasons refuse collectors may refuse to collect your bin is that it’s too heavy. Yes, that’s right. Your wheelie can be deemed too heavy for refuse collectors to move and for bin lorries to lift.

So how heavy is too heavy? Bin weight limits vary by council. However a common lift limit for bin lorries serving domestic properties is 30kg. If you look at the household wheelies in our range, you might see that the bin has a higher load capacity than this. But just because you can load your bin heavier, it doesn’t mean that you should.

Wheelie bin weigh too much? Here’s what to do

Prevention is better than cure

Want to avoid having your bin left on the kerbside come collection day? Here’s how to avoid making your bin too heavy.

  • Avoid adding garden waste like branches to your waste bin as they can be heavy.
  • Take heavy waste like rubble to a household recycling centre.
  • If you need to get rid of heavy or bulky waste, take it to a recycling centre or book a collection.

My bin hasn’t been emptied

Fallen foul of your council’s wheelie bin weight limits? There should be a sticker or notice on your bin explaining this.

Go through your bin and remove any particularly heavy items before your next collection. If you are consistently overfilling your bin, it may be time to think about ways you can reduce your waste.  That said, if you have a large family and your wheelie doesn’t meet your needs, you could request a larger bin or buy your own. Just don’t forget to run it by the council. There are rules on bins being compatible with refuse lorry lifting equipment.

What do wheelie bins weigh?

Ever wondered what wheelie bins weigh and what their weight capacity is? Here are the figures for some of our most popular bin sizes. Remember though, just because you can load a bin to its maximum capacity, it doesn’t mean that you should!

  • 140 litre wheelie bin - Empty weight 9kg/Load capacity 56kg
  • 240 litre wheelie bin - Empty weight 12kg/Load capacity 96kg
  • 360 litre wheelie bin - Empty weight 15kg/Load capacity 144kg
  • 660 litre wheelie bin - Empty weight 40kg/Load capacity 270kg
  • 770 litre wheelie bin - Empty weight 43kg/Load capacity 310kg
  • 1100 litre wheelie bin - Empty weight 50kg/Load capacity 440 kg

These weights and loads are from research, but other companies and providers might have different weights and capacities dependant on the moulding process.

Looking for a wheelie bin?

Check out our range for domestic wheelie bins and commercial wheelie bins to suit households and businesses of every size. Many councils choose us as their bin provider, though don’t forget to check with them before you buy a bin from us. After all, rules are rules! For more interesting articles on wheelie bins and tips on reducing your waste, check out the rest of our blog.