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Wheelie Bin Fires: Wheelie Bin Roundup

Wheelie Bin Fires: Wheelie Bin Roundup

The weeks leading up to Halloween and bonfire night are the busiest for firefighters. With the dark nights comes a depressing increase in wheelie bin fires. Most of which are started deliberately. In this news roundup, there’s shocking attacks on fire crews in the northwest, as well as advice on how you can keep your wheelie bin secure.

Merseyside Calls on Residents to Prevent Wheelie Bin Fires

Merseyside Fire and Rescue service has called on residents to help prevent wheelie bin fires. Arson attacks on wheelie bins in the weeks leading up to bonfire night have increased in recent years. The number of incidents recorded last year was 62, up from 41 in 2014.

Fire chiefs say that domestic bins are easy targets, especially if people leave them out in the street after collection day. The fire service has urged residents to be vigilant. The advice is to only put their bin out on collection day and bring it back in as soon as possible.

Youths Run Riot in Stockport

Next, we head to the Brinnington area of Stockport, where gangs of youths threw fireworks at residents and the police on Halloween night.

A gang of at least 25 youths started wheelie bin fires and threw fireworks at locals, police officers, and firefighters. Police in riot gear attended and a road was closed as a result of the chaos.

Greater Manchester Police has vowed to make sure that offenders face the ‘full force of the law.’

There were reports on social media that fireworks were thrown into people’s gardens and at passing cars. At the same time, wheelie bins were set alight.

Miraculously, there were no reported injuries.

Spate of Wheelie Bin Fires in Ellesmere Port

Firefighters have warned residents and business owners in Ellesmere Port to act to prevent their wheelie bins from arson.

The warnings come amid an increase in deliberate wheelie bin fires across the town. Fire chiefs have asked that people store their bins securely at night. They also advised us to only put them out on collection day. They were also reminded not to overfill bins or leave loose rubbish lying beside them.

The fire station manager said that setting deliberate wheelie bin fires was an ‘extremely dangerous form of anti-social behaviour that could put lives and properties at risk.’

Cheshire Police has asked anyone who sees someone deliberately setting a bin on fire to call Crimestoppers or their 101 line or use their online reporting service.

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