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West Oxfordshire Gets New Wheelies

West Oxfordshire Gets New Wheelies

West Oxfordshire Gets New Wheelies


Another day, another council changes its recycling services, and this time, it’s all change in Oxfordshire.

Residents in West Oxfordshire are set to get new wheelie bins in October as part of the rollout of a new recycling service. The new blue-lidded recycling bins will be delivered to residents from July, and the biggest change is that a lot of recyclable items will be able to be put into the bin together. The council state that the wheelie bins will last much longer than the current recycling boxes, and that this will save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

 West Oxfordshire Recycling Service

What is going to change?

Recycling collections are moving to fortnightly instead of weekly, and most recyclables, including aerosols, card, cartons, foil, paper, and plastic bottles can be put in the new bin.

Glass bottles, jars and small electrical items will need to go in separate recycling boxes. They can also be taken to a local recycling centre.

What is happening and when?

This month, all residents will be sent a letter, explaining changes to the service. The new wheelie bins are also being delivered from this month. In September, recycling guides and collection calendars are being sent out. In October, the new service begins, and the new contractor, Ubico, will take over from Kier.

From October, small electrical items, such as kettles, hairdryers, and mobile phones, will be able to be put in recycling boxes for collection.

New collections

From October, recycling, glass, food, and garden waste will be collected one week, then general waste and food waste will be collected the next week.

Residents will also be able to recycle textiles, shoes, small electrical items, non-rechargeable batteries, car batteries, cooking oil and engine oil.

It’s all in the details

The new bin will be dark grey with a blue lid, and it will have a capacity of 240 litres. Residents will be able to fit more recycling into this larger bin, which will hold the equivalent waste of around 5 recycling boxes.

Residents can opt out of the recycling bin, and they can take their recycling to a local recycling centre or bank.

Recycle more

Glass bottles and jars, textiles, shoes, non-rechargeable batteries, small electrical items, cooking oil and engine oil will be collected if left out on the appropriate recycling day.

Glass bottles and jars, and small electrical items should be put in a recycling box. Take care to separate the two.

Clothes and shoes should be put in a bag and left next to the recycling bin.

Cooking oil and engine oil can be left next to the recycling bin, in a separate, sealed, and labelled plastic container.

Batteries (non-rechargeable) should be placed in a labelled, used envelope on top of the recycling bin.

Car batteries can be collected if pre-arranged with the council. 

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