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How to Keep a Wheelie Bin Protected From the Weather

How to Keep a Wheelie Bin Protected From the Weather

Torrential rain, strong winds, and blazing hot sun. The weather is so changeable in the UK that this could describe just one day. That’s why it’s important to keep your wheelie bin safe and secure. From how to secure it in high winds to keeping your rubbish dry in the rain, here’s how to protect a wheelie bin from the weather.

Why Protect your Wheelie from the Weather?

A stray wheelie bin can cause damage to property and vehicles

An empty standard wheelie bin weighs around 10kg. Combine this with a gale force wind and you can see how damage can occur. An errant wheelie can make quite a dent in a parked car or garden fence. Wondering if your insurance would cover it? Well, maybe not if the insurance company finds you made no attempt to secure your bins.

It’s no fun chasing your bin down the street

If you’ve had to go on a wild goose chase to retrieve your bin on a wet and windy morning, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Keep your bin secure and this is one thing you won't have to worry about.

It keeps litter off the streets

This is an important reason to protect a wheelie bin from the weather. If your bin lid isn’t secure, high winds can cause it to flap open. Any loose rubbish inside will end up blowing out of your bin and onto the street where it could end up in drains and waterways.

It stops your wheelie from smelling

Heat makes rubbish decompose faster. If your bin isn’t protected from the sun, the rubbish will rot faster. As bacteria grow, your bin will start to smell.

Protecting Your Wheelie from the Weather: What are Your Options?

Whether you want to secure your bin or a lid that won’t stay closed is your problem, there’s a solution.

Wrap a bungee cord around your bin

Tie a bungee cord around the middle of your bin and secure it to a fence, drainpipe, or other solid fixture. You could also place it over the lid to stop it blowing open. Bungee cords can work, though they don’t look the best. You’ll also have to tie and untie your bin every time you need to put it out for collection.

Invest in a wheelie bin lock

This is a popular way to protect a wheelie from the weather. It’s easy to use and as well as protecting your bin from wild weather, it protects against theft and pests.

Buy a wheelie bin storage unit

Wheelie bin storage units will not only look the part in your outside space, they’ll protect your wheelie from the weather. When your bin is securely locked away in an attractive timber storage unit, it’s protected from:

  • The heat from the sun that causes smells and UV light that can make it fade;
  • The wind that could blow it and its contents down the street.

Any of these solutions can work for you. However, call us biased, but we think wheelie bin stores are your best bet. Not only do they keep your bin safe and secure, they can really enhance the look of your outside space.

Invest in one of our quality units and you won’t have to worry about the security of your wheelies any longer. They won’t be the first thing you see when you look out of the window on to your lovely garden either. What if instead of looking at your tired old wheelies, you saw a wheelie bin storage with a planter on top, full of your favourite blooms? It’s all possible. Check out our range of wheelie bin storage unitsFor more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins, check out the rest of our blog.

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