What wheelie bin is the best size for me?

What wheelie bin is the best size for me?

When you are reviewing buying a new wheelie bin, how do you know what size you will need? From the smallest sizes from 120 litres all the way to 1100 litres. We have a wide selection that could be suitable for you. Getting the biggest size isn’t always the right answer as reducing the size of your bin can help you reduce the amount of rubbish you throw away, which ultimately will help the environment. A number of local councils have started a ‘slim your bin’ campaign. Highlighting the fact that a large amount of rubbish thrown away could be reused or recycled. 

Wheelie bin for a small household

Small households will often get some provided by the local council. But a number of councils will charge for a replacement bin if it is lost or damaged. So shopping around can provide a great opportunity to save some money when you are looking to replace it. The best sizes for you would be between 120 and 240 bins which would fit all your needs and will hold between 2 to 4 full bags.   

Wheelie bin for a large household

Again large households would occasionally get some bins provided by the local authority. But they may not be suitable for a large household and will leave you with extra bags before each collection which can be smelly and unsightly. In this case, the best size would be between 240 and 360 litres which should fit around 4 to 6 large full bags.

Wheelie bin for a small business

Different small businesses will differ in how much rubbish you will produce and so it can be especially difficult to organise what you will need with what you produce and how often your collection is. By reducing your collections you can save money, but this means you will need somewhere to store the rubbish. Depending on how frequent your collections and how much rubbish you are producing then between 660 and 770 litres which should fit anywhere to an average half a bag of rubbish and a nearly full bag of rubbish per day. 

Wheelie bin for a large business

Larger businesses will quite often produce a large amount of rubbish and so will need a schedule to deal with the quantities they produce. Depending on how much you are producing an 1100 litre bin is a good idea because it will provide you with enough storage to hold a number of bin bags per day for a weekly collection or in quieter periods to reduce your collection schedule in line with the expectations. 

Things to remember

No matter what bin you select we will always recommend that you check with your collection organisation that they are capable of collecting your new bin and are happy to. Remember how you are going to store the new bin. Considering if a storage unit would help make your storage location tidier and more organised.

For households

Consider how often you change a large full bin bag, a rough guide to sizes based on a fortnightly wheelie bin collection:

  • If you change the bin once per week - 120 /140 litres,
  • When you change the bin twice per week - 240 litres,
  • However, if you change the bin more than twice per week - 360 litres,

For businesses

You will need to consider how often your collection is and how much you fill your bin. These are based on a fortnightly collection.

  • If you change a half-full bin bag every night - 660 litres,
  • You are changing a nearly full bin bag every night - 770 litres,
  • If you change the bag twice a day across weekends but half a bag on weekdays - 770 litres,
  • When you are changing your a full bin bag every day - 1100 litres,

Please remember these are just guidelines and to check how often your collection is. If you liked this and are interested in more articles and helpful tips, check out our blog.