Have You Thought About Wheelie Bin Storage

Have You Thought About Wheelie Bin Storage

Have you thought about wheelie bin storage?


Okay, so your wheelie bin might not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing ever created, but you would be lost without it. Having said that, wheelie bins can look bulky and a bit unsightly, when they are left out on collection day, and they are not a welcome addition to a pretty garden.

Wheelie Bin Storage

What about wheelie bin storage?

It’s important to keep your wheelie bin safe, as there’s always the potential for vandalism and theft. There’s also the issue of wildlife getting into your bin, and the glorious British weather to contend with. A potential solution to these issues is using a wheelie bin storage unit. They are lockable to prevent anyone else accessing your bins, and they make the area where you keep your wheelie bins look a little less ugly too.

The advantages of using wheelie bin storage

It keeps wildlife and pests out of your bins

Foxes and rats are prevalent in towns and cities, and they are attracted to rubbish when they forage for food. So, if you don’t want your rubbish strewn all over the street, wheelie bin storage can really help. The storage unit is lockable, so you can access it, but the pests can’t.

It protects your bin from wild weather

The wind, rain and even snow can play havoc with your wheelie bin. If you have a storage unit for it, you won’t have to worry about it blowing over, banging lids, or even the lid icing up.

It can beautify your garden

Wheelie bins aren’t the prettiest of items, so you might not want them making your manicured lawn and flower beds looking like an eyesore. A wooden wheelie bin store can look quite attractive and hide your wheelie bins from view.

Why not build your own?

You can buy wheelie bin storage units, but it might be cheaper to build your own, and you get to customise it exactly the way you want.

How to build your own storage unit

  • Choose a good location for the unit

Station it close to your house, but not so close in case of odours etc.

  • Measure how much space you will need

Remember, you will need to have easy access to it.

  • Make a solid base

Dig out the area where you want to build your unit and put down paving or concrete which will keep the unit level. A solid surface is also far easier when it comes to having to manoeuvre your bins.

  • Build the frame

Use wooden pallets or timber. You can add the walls later. If you want to add a door, use hinges that won’t rust, then use some corrugated iron as a roof. Think about painting the unit with a weather proof sealant which will come in very handy in the winter months.