Is a Bin Lock Worth It?

Is a Bin Lock Worth It?

The darker nights are on their way and this means lots of headlines about wheelie bins. Whether it’s arson or someone stealing your identity, it might make you think about bin security. A bin lock is one way you can keep your bin secure, but are they worth it?

What is a bin lock?

There are different types of lockable wheelie bins on the market. The good thing about modern designs is that there are no fiddly padlocks to deal with. There are universal bin locks that are inexpensive and easy to fit or gravity bin locks that open when the bin is tipped for emptying.

The benefits of investing in a bin lock

They are a good visual deterrent

Visible CCTV and alarm systems are often enough to deter thieves and vandals.  A bin lock will make people think twice about stealing or vandalising your bin.

A bin lock prevents people from using your bin

It’s a common problem these days. Your neighbour a few doors down can’t fit any more rubbish in their bin, so they casually use yours. It will keep your bin secure and for your rubbish only.

They can prevent identity theft

It’s hard to believe what people throw away. We’ve all absent-mindedly thrown away a bank statement or something with our personal details on it. However, criminals can use this information to steal your identity. There have been cases where gangs have used personal details to take out loans, credit cards, and more. Prevent unauthorised access with a bin lock.

A bin lock prevents arson

Wheelie bin fires spike at this time of year, and sadly, most of them are deliberate. Fitting a bin lock means that vandals can’t get access to the rubbish inside to set it on fire.

It solves many wheelie bin problems

But a wheelie bin lock is not all about keeping out the thieves and vandals. It stops your rubbish from blowing all over your garden in the wild autumn weather. It can stop pests from getting into your rubbish. All in all, it gives you peace of mind. We all love having one less thing to worry about!

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