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Should I Use a Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service?

Should I Use a Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service?

Professional wheelie bin cleaning services can be a boon for the workaday resident who is strapped for time and starting to smell those putrid odours emanating from the untouched recesses of wheelie bins, but the cost and package deals offered by most services make professional cleaning a more viable option for businesses and a rather pricey alternative for the average Joe.

Wheelie Bin Green Cleaning

Innovation is helping to pave the way for many professional cleaning upstarts that are seizing on green trends to create eco-friendly cleaning services. Green cleaning utilises bio-degradable products and deodorisers, taking an ethical and monetary bite out of the standard council-issued cleaning services that still use the traditional array of chemicals and cleaners. Green cleaning services will wash out all sizes and states of wheelie bins using sustainable cleaners and materials, and typically serve alongside local recycling initiatives that centre around schools, academic institutions, parks services and even some Council propositions as part of a countrywide campaign to improve the UK's waste footprint.

The Professional Cleaning Industry

Beyond the green innovation, professional cleaning services are varied, sometimes cleaning bins at their residence and other times scheduling routine pickups to extensively wash bins at a third-party location. The latter is becoming exceedingly rare, and advancements in the portability of professional wheelie bin cleaners have helped most professional services go mobile. Green cleaning is only the latest innovation to trigger a groundswell of independent and third party cleaners offering themselves to local businesses and residents.


Professional Cleaning Industry


Necessities and Novelties

The real question about bin cleaning services is whether or not the cleaning job is a necessity or a wasteful novelty. Professional cleaning will not always suit the schedules of any one business or residence depending on the immediacy of the cleaning needs, the severity of the rubbish bin, and last but not least, the cost of the service itself. Neighbourhood initiates sometimes mandate monthly cleanings to keep up the appearance of their area, but most of the time the choice of hiring a professional service will be left up to the individual bin owner.

The Pros of Professional Bin Cleaning

First and foremost, professional cleaning services can be a godsend for people who are dealing with a severely neglected rubbish bin. Recycling bins can be stained and moulded with leftover juice from cans, while rubbish bins take the brunt of the waste in dirty papers and food that can accumulate a veritable tiny civilization of mouldy microbes, fungus and terrible odours that can pollute an entire factory or neighbourhood. These situations really should be handled by the professionals. A simple hose down with a little cleaning fluid will just not cut it if your wheelie bin is that past it. Professionals will use harder and harsher chemicals that can strip wheelie bins quicker and with more potency than over the counter cleaning liquids.


Bin Cleaning Service


The Cons of using Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaners

Professional cleaning services are considered 'professional' for a reason, and might be cleanliness overkill for the vast majority of rubbish related detritus. Just because an old orange peel has rotted into an old banana peel at the bottom of the bin doesn't mean residents need to call local services and pay the fee for an excessive cleaning that makes the bin spick-and-span from top to bottom.

Some Services may also remove wheelie bins from the business or residence for the allotted cleaning time, leaving the property without a place to throw out rubbish; this can become a serious inconvenience depending on how long the cleaning services take.

What about Purchasing a New Bin?

One option we have not looked at is the cost of buying a replacement wheelie bin as oppose to cleaning the existing bin. With the growth in online retailers offering sensibly priced wheelie bins there may be very little difference in a professional coming in and cleaning your current bin or purchasing a new one.

There are other factors such as where to dispose of your old wheelie bin? Generally speaking your local recycling centre would be the best place to dispose of your old bin. A wheelie bin is all plastic except for the metal bar holding the wheels in place, because of this metal bar it is best you ask someone at the recycling centre where you should put the wheelie bin. 

Another option would be to ring up your local council as they will often collect 2nd hand bins and sell them back to wheelie bin companies to make new wheelie bins out of.

How about turning your old bin into a compost wheelie bin or if you are feeling even more daring how about going wheelie bin racing? These are just a couple of ideas for using that old wheelie bin. If you have any more creative ideas then send them to info@wheeliebins.co.uk and we will add them here.

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