Greenpeace Gives Advice on Reducing the Use of Plastic Bin Bags

Greenpeace Gives Advice on Reducing the Use of Plastic Bin Bags

Greenpeace Gives Advice on Reducing the Use of Plastic Bin Bags

Greenpeace recently presented a petition to Parliament in New Zealand, calling on the government to ban the use of single-use plastic bags. 65,000 people signed the petition, including the Prime Minister and the actor, Sam Neill. New Zealanders use 1.6 billion plastic bags each year, and this is bad news for the environment.

Greenpeace have been advising people on how to avoid using plastic bin liners in their indoor waste bins, which they believe will go a long way to help.

Why should single-use plastic be banned?

A plastic bag might only be used for a few minutes, but it can take up to 1000 years to break down. The Prime Minister appeared on TV to speak about how the government is working on a strategy to deal with plastic bags. The previous government ran voluntary schemes where businesses were encouraged to pledge to cut down on using plastic bags.

The Prime Minister said that she gets letters from children who tell her they are worried about how plastic bags and straws affect turtles and other marine life. She added that the main problem when it comes to managing plastic bags is that there’s no uniform approach to tackling the problem.

Some residents are turning their back on bin liners

A recent poll found that many people use a bin liner in their indoor waste bin, though some said they clean their bin regularly instead, and tip the waste directly into a wheelie bin. Others lined their bins with newspaper.

Greenpeace give advice for avoiding plastic bag use

Greenpeace have given residents these tips to help them forgo a plastic bin liner;

  • Use a compost bin or heap for food waste
  • Line indoor rubbish bins with newspaper
  • Wash your rubbish bins often with soap and water
  • Empty bins more frequently so they don’t get smelly

The charity say that they advocate the use of reusable bags because there’s a cost to the environment every time we use something just once.

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