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What to Do With People Dumping Rubbish in My Garden 

What to Do With People Dumping Rubbish in My Garden 

Have you ever been unlucky enough to have had people dumping rubbish in your garden? Whether it’s a neighbour or a complete stranger, nobody wants someone else’s rubbish spoiling their outdoor space. It doesn’t just look awful, it’s a health hazard and it can attract pests. So what should you do about it?

Have a Conversation with the People Dumping Rubbish

This is the first course of action to consider. However, this depends on you feeling safe and comfortable enough to do so. If it’s a neighbour you usually get on with, share your concerns about the rubbish. Then talk about how you can resolve the situation. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to report it.

Report the Rubbish Dumping as Anti-Social Behaviour

If people are dumping rubbish in your garden, it's probably classed as anti-social behaviour. The definition of anti-social behaviour is anything that causes a 'nuisance and annoyance'. Whoever is doing it, they’re causing a nuisance to you by using your garden as a tip. If you know the person responsible, or even if you don’t, you can report it directly to your local council. The council will ask for details like:

  • Their name and address (if you know it);
  • How often the dumping happens;
  • How it’s affecting you;
  • What has been done to try and resolve the issue.

If you report the issue by phone, note down the date and time of the call and who you spoke to. If things escalate, it’s good to have evidence that you reported it.

Keep Your Own Records

This is a useful thing to do if things end up going further with the person responsible. Note down the date and time, and what exactly happened. For example ‘20th August - Saw neighbour from number 23 dumping rubbish in my garden at 23.30.’

Get as much evidence as possible. Take photos of any rubbish they’ve dumped in your garden.

What if People are Dumping Rubbish in My Wheelie Bin?

It’s not technically illegal to put rubbish in someone else’s wheelie bin. However, that doesn’t make it right. Firstly, your bin is assigned to your property. Secondly, if someone comes onto your property to put rubbish in your bin, they are trespassing. 

If a neighbour with a large family is struggling with space and they ask to use your bin, that’s all well and good. But if someone is dumping rubbish in your bin without asking, it’s time to have a discussion. Hopefully, you can avoid things going any further by letting them know how what they are doing is affecting you. If it continues to happen, take the same course of action as above- get in touch with your local council.

It can be annoying and upsetting when people dump rubbish in or around your garden. However, the good news is that there are a few ways to resolve the issue. If you can’t talk to the person responsible, report it to your local council. If you aren’t happy with the response, contact Citizen’s Advice for information on other courses of action you can try.

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