When you move house, should you take your wheelie bins?

When you move house, should you take your wheelie bins?

You’re moving house and you’ve got your checklist of things to take. Should ‘take wheelie bins’ be on it? Well, the answer to that question is it depends. Read on to find out whether you should put your wheelies in the back of the removal van.

Can I take my bins if I’m moving house?

If you bought replacement bins from the council or the council provided the bins when you moved in, you can’t take them. In this situation, the bins are council property and should remain at the property they were issued to.

If you bought your wheelie bins, however (not council-issued), you can take them with you. In this situation, the bins belong to you and not to the property.

If I can’t take wheelie bins with me, will there be bins at my new property?

Moving into a new build?

Councils usually require that developers provide wheelie bins and boxes to new homes. If you arrive and there aren’t any, contact the developer.

Built your own home?

If you’ve built your own home, you can either contact the council about providing bins or buy your own*.

*We’d recommend you ask the council if you’re allowed to buy your bins, as some councils don’t allow it.

Moving into a council-owned property?

The council should make sure that bins and boxes are available before you move in. If there aren’t any, contact them for replacements. Depending on the council, you may be charged for replacement bins.

Moving into a property owned by a private landlord?

The landlord should make sure the correct bins and boxes are at the property. Speak to them if you arrive and there are no bins or boxes.

If I can’t take wheelie bins with me, do I have to pay for a replacement?

If you get to your new home and discover there aren’t any bins or boxes, you may have to pay for replacements. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, councils have an obligation to collect household waste, but only from specific containers. 

This means that you either have to buy replacements from the council or buy your own bin. Remember to get permission.  Your bins need to be compatible with bin lorry lifting equipment and must meet relevant safety standards.

If your bin doesn’t meet those requirements, the council can refuse to take your rubbish. If you refuse to pay for a replacement bin, you may be served with a legal notice, requiring that you use council-issued containers for your waste.

Why doesn’t my council tax cover the cost of replacement bins?

Council tax pays for the collection and disposal of waste not the provision of bins. Years ago, many councils provided replacement bins and recycling boxes for free. But the rising cost of doing so and strained council budgets have meant charging a fee is necessary to maintain services.

Couldn’t take wheelie bins with you to your new home?

If your council permits you to, you could buy your own bin. The benefit of doing so is that it can go with you when you move into a new home. The bonus of buying from us is that we supply many councils with their bins. So you can rest assured that your new bin will meet the size and safety requirements!

Get in touch with our friendly sales team to find the perfect match for your new home. For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins, check out the rest of our blog