Should I use Bin Stickers? Are They Actually Bad?

Should I use Bin Stickers? Are They Actually Bad?

You can personalise just about anything these days and your bin is no exception. Bin stickers are a handy way to do everything from making your bin easier to identify to marketing your business. However, are they really all they’re cracked up to be?

The Argument for Bin Stickers

There are several good reasons why you might want to invest in bin stickers;

Marking Your Bin as Your Property

Many of us have known the annoyance of going on a wild goose chase to find our bin. Maybe it’s been dumped outside of a random house on collection day. Maybe you’ve had bins stolen before. Applying bin stickers helps to identify it as your property. You can clearly mark it with your house number and/or street name. Another option is to cover your bin with a really bright, arty bin sticker. Not many thieves will take a chance on stealing a bin that stands out!

Using Bin Stickers to Brighten Up Your Bin

We love wheelie bins but after years of service, they can look a bit battered and tired. Applying bin stickers can give them a new lease of life. No longer will they be an eyesore in your lovely garden.

They Can Make an Area Safer

There has been an increase in people applying road safety bin stickers to their bins in residential areas. Wouldn’t it be handy to let drivers know that your street has a 20mph speed limit? Or maybe there has been a spate of accidents and you want to remind them to slow down. Applying an eye-catching safety sticker to your bin can help make your area safer. 

Using Bin Stickers to Advertise your Business

Savvy business owners are realising that wheelie bin stickers are the unsung heroes of marketing. More permanent than a sandwich board and less obtrusive than someone waving a leaflet in your face. They can be a cost-effective and smart way of advertising your business.

They’re Easy to Use and Made to Last

They are made from weatherproof vinyl that’s designed to withstand anything the British weather throws at it. They’re also super easy to use. Just peel off the backing and apply to your bin, couldn’t be simpler!

Are Bin Stickers Bad?

While bin stickers can be a worthwhile investment for several reasons, there’s a caveat. With their weather resistance, durability, and adhesiveness come potential difficulties with recycling. You want a wheelie bin sticker that’s going to stick to your bin and stay stuck. You want to source some that aren’t going to shrink or shrivel in the warmer weather. For them to work, they must be made with a solvent-based adhesive. This can make them tough to recycle, unlike paper stickers.

Some recycling facilities accept vinyl for recycling. However, if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your bins stickers, check locally before you buy.

So they can be a great investment for several reasons, but it’s worth considering the potential environmental impact. Check if you can recycle your stickers at the end of life for extra eco-friendly brownie points. For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins and sustainability, check out the rest of our blog or check out some of our most popular articles:

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