Should I Buy A Council Wheelie Bin?

Should I Buy A Council Wheelie Bin?

There are many scenarios where you might need a new wheelie bin. If your old one gets damaged, lost, or stolen. If you move into a new home and the former residents have taken the bin with them. Maybe you’re a property developer who’s converted a building into a residential property. But do you need to buy a council bin?

Do I need to buy a council bin?

The short answer is possibly, depending on the rules in your area. Even though a large number of councils across the UK order wheelie bins from us, each council has its own rules.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, councils have a legal obligation to collect household waste, but only from a container that they specify. This is because some types of wheelie bins aren’t compatible with the bin lifting equipment on refuse vehicles. In this case, if you don’t buy a council bin, they won't empty it. 

We always encourage customers to check with their local council before buying a wheelie bin from us. Don't fall foul of the rules!

Why does my council charge me for a replacement bin?

Some councils started charging for replacing bins because of the costs of the increasing demand. As central government cut local authority budgets, replacing bins due to theft or vandalism was a cost they could no longer incur. However, most councils won’t charge for a replacement bin if damage occurs to the bin and it's their fault. Sometimes bins can fall into the back of refuse vehicles. In this case, they are usually replaced for free.

Buying one - What does the charge cover?

If you have to pay for a replacement wheelie bin, the charge usually covers the cost of administration and delivery of the bin.

I pay council tax, why do I need to pay extra to buy a council bin?

It’s all due to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the rules on council tax. Part of your council tax goes towards the collection and disposal of waste, not the provision of the waste containers themselves.

Do I need to buy an extra bin if my family produces a lot of waste?

Again, it depends on your local council’s rules. Some councils are strict about only providing a certain number of bins per property. If you’re filling your bins well before collection day, you might need to think about reducing your waste and recycle more.

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