Who Manages Our Waste - PHS Group

Who Manages Our Waste - PHS Group

Who Manages Our Waste?

PHS group

PHS group began operating in 1963 and originally, they were a family owned company who offered a sanitary products disposal service. Over the past 50 years, they have expanded to become a leading provider of workplace services in the UK, employing over 5000 people over 140 sites.

Services they provide

Washroom services

They provide equipment like soap dispensers and sanitary disposal units.

Specialist Cleaning

They provide deep cleaning services for working environments like commercial kitchens.

Workwear & laundry

They supply workwear, laundry services, and do workwear repairs.

Waste & recycling

They collect clinical, pharmaceutical, and dental waste.

Safety services

They offer electrical and gas appliance and systems testing and fire prevention services.

Matting & floorcare

They provide matting and floorcare services to keep workplace floors clean, dry, and safe

Workplace supplies

They provide cleaning supplies for workplaces

Managing their customers’ environmental impact

Over the last 50 years, PHS has helped their customers to make better use of their resources and to become more sustainable. From recycling services to water saving devices, the company has helped businesses save money and save the planet.

Sustainable products

PHS Group actively manages the lifecycle of their products from manufacture, through to installation and end-of-life. They don’t just sell items, they design, produce, repair, and recycle them when they are no longer suitable for use.

Last year, they recycled nearly 50 tonnes of old sanitary bins and recovered and reused over 25,000 parts from their washroom products.


The company has been measuring its carbon footprint since 2009 and reporting on it since 2011. Using vehicle fuel makes up 76% of their carbon footprint and is their main focus. Last year, they invested in new routing technology and a driver training programme to help reduce their carbon footprint. They have also committed to reducing the energy they use in buildings, and to investing in lighting and heating upgrades.

As well as being mindful of their carbon footprint in their premises, they also certify the carbon footprint of their most popular products, including their sanitary bins and waterlogic water machines.

Energy & Water

They have produced detailed information on the energy performance and average water usage of their products and they give this to customers, which means that they are kept reliably informed about which products will save them money and make them a more sustainable business. Customers are empowered to make better choices.


Increasing waste legislation and concerns about the environment have meant that PHS have had to help their customers reduce the financial and environmental cost of the waste they produce. They are continually looking at ways to manage their waste streams more efficiently and sustainably.

They also realise that sending waste to landfill is not viable in the long term, so they try to divert waste from landfill wherever possible. Eliminating landfill is not easy, as alternative disposal methods need to be sustainable and financially viable.

Their support for good causes

The company say that they want to give back to the communities in which they operate, so they organise national fundraising events.

Each year, they support Children in Need and Comic / Sport Relief, and the company matches funds raised by their employees.