Who Manages Our Waste - Mitie

Who Manages Our Waste - Mitie

Who Manages Our Waste?


Mitie stands for 'management incentive through investment equity'. When the business started, they used a model where entrepreneurs would approach them with ideas. If they liked the idea and it was compatible with their service offerings, Mitie would invest 51% of the initial capital and the balance would be financed by the entrepreneur.

Mitie would then help the new business get established and they offered ongoing support. The company helped over 100 businesses start up this way.

Today, the company still do this, but now, their focus is on building strength and depth in the services that they offer to customers.

Their services

The company offers a range of service from providing recycling bins, food waste solutions, and secure confidential waste destruction.

Waste management

Their 'resource not waste' approach

The company’s philosophy on waste management is preventing waste at its source, and if waste is unavoidable, to consider how they can help a customer reuse or recycle waste.

Instead of waste becoming a business cost, the company helps their customers make it into a resource. Reusing and recycling resources helps to reduce waste disposal costs.

Hazardous waste

The company offer a comprehensive hazardous waste management service which includes:

  • The treatment or disposal of chemical waste, paints and adhesives, batteries, fluorescent tubes, low level radioactive wastes, and laboratory chemical waste
  • Chemical waste drum collection
  • Shutdown and emergency clearance of a premises


The company offers commercial recycling services to customers and they recycle almost everything from cans to cardboard, and plastics to food waste. They also offer an electronic waste recycling service that complies with all the current legislation.

They provide customers with recycling bins, and they aim to help customers achieve recycling rates of over 90% within 12 months.

Food waste

Food and catering waste can make up around 30% of the total waste generated by an organisation. It’s important to manage food waste properly, as sending it to landfill wastes opportunities to produce energy and save resources, and it can contaminate other recyclables.

The company puts together a bespoke food waste management system for each client. They focus on waste reduction and where this is not possible, they look at ways to reuse the food, such as donating it to charity or creating fuel.

Clinical waste

Mitie work with all the major clinical waste disposal companies in the UK to provide their customers with an efficient and economical service which is compliant with legislation regarding the safe management of healthcare waste. Services include:

  • Clinical waste treatment
  • High temperature incineration
  • Energy from Waste
  • Management of non-infectious clinical waste, radioactive waste, and hazardous chemical waste.

Confidential waste

The company offers a secure confidential waste shredding service. Data protection laws are stricter than ever now, and fines can be astronomical for breaches; plus the consequences of data getting into the wrong hands are unthinkable, so it’s essential for organisations to correctly manage this type of waste.

Legislation and compliance monitoring

The company offer their customers a full analysis of which environmental legislation affects them, and keeps them aware of any updates to laws every quarter. This is important in these days of tougher legislations and fines for breaches of environmental regulations.