Why You Should Use Wheelie Bins for Your Business

Why You Should Use Wheelie Bins for Your Business

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Wheelie Bins for Your Business

When it comes to running a business, maybe how your company will dispose of the waste it generates day to day is way down your list of priorities. But choosing a bin doesn’t have to be difficult. If you work alone from a home office, a small flip-top bin should work for you, but if you work from a factory and employee a fair number of workers, you’re going to need a larger waste disposal solution. A good wheelie bin might be just what you need. Here’s why;

 Wheelie Bins

1: They’re easy to manoeuvre and put out for collection

Good quality wheelie bins are easy to move and are strong enough to do their job. They have strong rear handles and wheels which make it easy for you to move the bin to where it’s collected. A bin full of rubbish can be heavy, so the wheels make for no-fuss manoeuvrability. The durability of the bins means that they can handle being bumped up and down curbs, but they aren’t indestructible so do treat them with respect!

When choosing a good wheelie bin that will last, invest in a bin that has the quality marks EN840 for Design, Performance and Safety, ISO 9001 for Quality, and ISO 14001 for Environmental Impact. Investing in a well-made, high specification bin is a good investment for you and your business. Paying out for a decent bin is a lot better than having to pay a fine for flouting waste disposal rules.


2: They’re less likely to cause injury to you or your employees

Wheelie bins come in different sizes according to their rubbish storage capacity. There’s 140 litre bins, 240 litre bins and even 1100 litre bins! As you can imagine, moving the bins is not an easy feat. As an employer, you have a duty of care towards your employees to ensure their health and safety when they are at work. Always make sure that an employee isn’t trying to move huge loads on their own. If you invest in a good wheelie bin, your employees will find it is much easier to manoeuvre even a heavy load when it is on wheels. A smaller wheelie bin has 2 wheels and can be tipped up and moved around. Larger bins have four wheels, and should be moved around by 2 or more people if needed.


3: Bins are colour-coded to make recycling easy

Different coloured bins are more easy for us to associate with different kinds of rubbish, so it gets rid of some of the confusion around recycling. For example, we all know that a black bin is for general waste, that a green one is for recycling and a brown one is for garden waste.

If you are purchasing bins for your business premises it is a good idea to consider what colours you will need. There are plenty of colours to choose from aside from black, green and brown including yellow, blue and red. You can always label them if they are designated for certain types of waste, so your employees will find it easier to learn the recycling process.


Are your wheelie bins working for you?

More people have become more aware of the need to recycle in recent years. The need to take more responsibility for recycling applies to businesses as well as to households. Businesses generate more waste.  But they can take control of their waste disposal system and make it easy. Wheelie bins have an important role to play. Think about your current wheelie bins and whether they are working for you. Are your employees able to follow recycling and waste disposal procedur or do you need a colour coding system or similar? Putting the right systems in place and having the use of the correct bins will set you up for being greener and more sustainable now and in the future.