Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Wheelie Bin Cleaning: Should I Use a Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service?


Wheelie bins are our faithful friends; they might not look good, or smell good, but they do an important job. So we need to look after them.

There’s not much worse than a foul-smelling bin though, so isn’t it better to avoid allowing our wheelie bins to get in that state in the first place by using a professional cleaning service?

But for the average person, is using a professional service too much of a financial stretch in hard times?

Environmentally -friendly cleaning

Many professional wheelie bin cleaning companies use bio-degradable cleaning products and deodorisers, which is a far better choice for the planet than using standard household detergents.


Cleaning services vary

Professional cleaning services vary, and many companies clean bins outside of people’s homes, and sometimes they collect them and wash them at another location. Most companies have portable cleaning equipment though, and a mobile service is the norm.  

Do you really need your wheelie bin professionally cleaned?

In tough financial times, you might be thinking about whether using a service like professional wheelie bin cleaning is a necessity or if it’s just a wasteful novelty. Cost is definitely a consideration, for individuals and business owners alike.

The pros of professional cleaning

If you are busy, or you have just neglected your bin, the build-up of bacteria and the resulting odour can easily reach a level where cleaning it with any old household detergent just won’t do. Professional cleaners use automated equipment and superior products that will restore your bin to its former sparkling clean glory in no time.


The cons of using a professional cleaning service

Is using a professional service just overkill if your bin just needs a rinse with soapy water? Do you want to commit to another cost for something you could probably do yourself if your bin is in a reasonable state? Also, if your bin gets taken away for cleaning, are you happy to put up with the inconvenience of not having a bin for however long it takes?

What about Purchasing a New Bin?

One option we have not looked at is the cost of buying a replacement wheelie bin as oppose to cleaning the existing bin. With the growth in online retailers offering sensibly priced wheelie bins there may be very little difference in a professional coming in and cleaning your current bin or purchasing a new one.

There are other factors such as where to dispose of your old wheelie bin? Generally speaking your local recycling centre would be the best place to dispose of your old bin. A wheelie bin is all plastic except for the metal bar holding the wheels in place, because of this metal bar it is best you ask someone at the recycling centre where you should put the wheelie bin. 

Another option would be to ring up your local council as they will often collect 2nd hand bins and sell them back to wheelie bin companies to make new wheelie bins out of.


Why should I have my bin professionally cleaned?

When you clean your Wheelie Bin with a hose or bucket you will typically use about 75 to 115 litres of water. Water alone will not kill all germs and bacteria and if you do use a detergent the washed out contaminants are likely to be environmentally hazardous and only suitable for disposing of in a sewer and not in a storm drain.

A full clean of the insides of two bins (240ltr) by Scrubbish will typically take 25 seconds on the truck and use less than 0.1 litres in the 60 litres used in the cleaning process. This is achievable due to the fully enclosed automated bin cleaning system used.

Just to reassure you further all waste water is disposed of in the correct manner, we hold a trade effluence licence and are guided by Anglian Water in this matter.

Most Scrubbish customers will have their domestic bins cleaned once every 4 weeks, whereas our commercial customers have their bins cleaned either weekly or fortnightly.

How about turning your old bin into a compost wheelie bin or if you are feeling even more daring how about going wheelie bin racing? These are just a couple of ideas for using that old wheelie bin. If you have any more creative ideas then send them to info@wheeliebins.co.uk and we will add them here.