Sustainable Living A Day at the Beach

Sustainable Living A Day at the Beach

"Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside". With the rise of Staycations this year, many more of us will be flocking to the UK coast. But would you want to lounge around on a beach that was full of litter? Pollution and rubbish blight many of our coastlines and it doesn’t have to be this way. Be part of the solution not the problem by following our tips for a sustainable day at the beach.

Litter, litter everywhere

The results of the 2019 Great British Beach Clean found that there were around 558 pieces of litter on every 100m of beach. The most common items of litter were pieces of polystyrene and plastic, followed by cigarette stubs, and glass.

This can end up in our oceans, it harms wildlife, and it ruins the enjoyment of a day at the beach for everyone. So how can you have a more sustainable day at the beach?

Tips for a sustainable day at the beach

Ditch the single-use items

Instead of buying food that's pre-packed in polystyrene and hard to recycle wrappers, make your own.  You get extra brownie points if you avoid individually wrapped items and choose things like seasonal and local fruit and vegetables. Watermelon slices and veg crudites with hummus? Don’t mind if we do!

Pack it all in reusable containers and don’t forget your reusable cutlery and plates. However, by making a pledge to ditch anything that’s single-use; you’ll save money and help the planet.

When it comes to drinks, ditch the plastic bottles in favour of reusable water bottles and flasks. 

Clean up litter for the ultimate sustainable day at the beach

As well as making sure not to leave any litter of your own behind, why not pick up any litter you see to make a difference? Do a #2minutebeachclean; set a timer and pick up any visible litter. Every little helps! You might just inspire other people to care a bit more about our beaches too.

Leave only your footprints behind

It might sound cliché, but having a truly sustainable day at the beach means leaving it exactly as you found it. Firstly by putting your litter in the bin or taking it home with you. Secondly, don’t leave items like BBQs or camping equipment behind. As tempted as you might be, don’t remove crabs or take anything else from the beach that you shouldn’t. This can put delicate ecosystems at risk

For many of us, the coast is a haven to escape from urban life when the temperatures rise. However, like our parks and other beauty spots, beaches haven’t escaped the rise in litter. We can all do our bit. Follow our tips for a sustainable day at the beach and keep them safe and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

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