Sustainable BBQ

Sustainable BBQ

The weather might not have been kind lately but we’re still holding out hope that some kind of summer is on the way. Now restrictions have eased, you might be thinking about planning a BBQ for family or friends. Food, drinks, fun, and sun, what’s not to like? Well, there’s the waste. From disposable plates and cutlery to disposable BBQ grills, a summer BBQ can create a lot of waste. But it can actually be an eco-friendly affair if you make a few clever tweaks. Here’s our guide on how to have a sustainable BBQ.

Avoid the single-use BBQ grill

These are impossible to recycle and it’s not recommended that you re-use them either. Invest in a decent grill or borrow one for your event.

Use sustainable fuel

Sustainably sourced charcoal is a little more expensive but it’s carbon neutral and less polluting. Team it with wood-based firelighters rather than petrol ones.

Got a gas BBQ? Keep a lid on it

For a sustainable BBQ when you have a gas grill, keep a lid on it and only use as much fuel as you need. Ask your guest to bring things Rather than buying a tonne of disposable plates, cups, and glasses, why not ask your guests to bring some? This saves money and reduces waste-though we can’t promise that you won’t have a few more dishes to do!

Ditch the single-use items for a sustainable BBQ

Disposable cups, plates, and cutlery are one of the main sources of waste at a BBQ. To make your BBQ sustainable, use reusable items like plastic beakers, beeswax food wraps, and reusable napkins.

Opt for sustainable decorations

A sustainable BBQ needs sustainable decorations. Forget the cheap plastic things that end up getting thrown away, get creative. If you have old mason jars or similar, put some tealights in them. Reusable cloth bunting looks great too.

Choose food fit for a sustainable BBQ

To reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on meat and serve plenty of vegetable and plant-based dishes. Grilled vegetable skewers always go down well as do veggie and bean burgers. If you are catering for die-hard carnivores, buy the best organic meat you can afford from your local farmer’s market or butcher.

Sustainable BBQ drinks ideas

Cut down on drinks waste by making up some jugs and pitchers of some summer favourites.  Think sangria and Pimm’s with some chopped fruits tossed in. For beer devotees, invest in a mini keg. Most are made from aluminium or steel, so they’re completely recyclable.

We hope we’ve inspired you to make your summer BBQs more sustainable. All we need now is for the sun to make an appearance!

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