Is Bin Freshener Worth It?

Is Bin Freshener Worth It?

From nappies to food waste, our bins bear the brunt of it all. Hands up who’s walked into the kitchen on a warm day and been met by a not so pleasant odour? So how do you stop your bins from smelling? Is bin freshener worth it or is there a better way?

Is Bin Freshener Worth It?

Bin fresheners are a great idea on the face of it. You can buy them in spray form, in powder, or even a convenient capsule that attaches to the inside of your bin lid. They claim to release blasts of pleasant fragrance that covers up the Eau de nappies. Some have base materials that soak up liquids, and others include ingredients like citronella to deter insects. But is bin freshener really worth it?

While some formulations don't contain harmful chemicals, some do. If you want to limit the number of chemicals you use in and around your home, a commercial bin freshener may not be for you.

Then there’s the fact that just like air fresheners, they are only masking bin smells. They aren’t keeping your bin clean or killing germs.

While there’s nothing wrong with investing in a bin freshener, we think there’s a better way.

Keep your bin clean

Instead of masking bin odours with a bin freshener, it’s far better to give your bins a regular deep clean.

Give your bin lid and the sides of the bin a quick spray with an antibacterial spray regularly, then wipe with a kitchen towel or cloth. This will help reduce surface residue and stickiness that can contribute to odours.

As well as the everyday maintenance, give your bin a deep clean too. Aim to deep clean your wheelie bins once per month. You might need to clean kitchen bins a little more often. You can use good old hot soapy water, then turn to things you might have in your kitchen cupboard to take care of the rest. Baking soda will soak up liquids in the bottom of your bin and eliminate odours. A few drops of essential oil or lemon juice will keep things smelling fresh. No bin freshener required!

Reduce the need for bin freshener with these tips

Let’s face facts, bins are smelly, but there are things you can do to reduce nasty odours.

  • Rinse out bottles and tins before you throw them away. Residue and rotting food debris will make your bin smell less than sweet.
  • Store your bins away from direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will make waste decompose faster and odours develop.
  • Tie bin bags securely before you put them in the bin to avoid spillages that create odours.

Instead of masking bin smells with a bin freshener, be savvy with your waste and keep your bin clean in the first place!

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