How to Throw a Zero Waste Barbecue

How to Throw a Zero Waste Barbecue

As temperatures rise and hopefully continue to do so, thoughts turn to throwing a barbecue. While we don’t want to dash your dreams of ice cold beers and juicy burgers, have you thought about how much waste the average barbecue creates?

From the disposable barbecue to mountains of food, paper plates, and single-use cutlery, it can mean that a lot of waste goes to landfill.

Here’s our guide to throwing a zero waste barbecue.

Avoid supermarket ‘value’ packs of meat

If you have a lot of people coming over, it’s tempting to get bumper packs of meat in, but it’s far better for the environment, and for your taste buds if you invest in some quality meat from your local butcher. Supermarket meat comes in hard to recycle plastic or polystyrene trays, and let’s face it, you don’t really know what’s been added to it. It might be more expensive going to a butcher, but the meat usually tastes nicer and you’re supporting a local business too.

Opt for compostable plates and cups

Obviously, the best choice is to use actual plates and cups, but if you must use disposable ones, try to find something compostable so you’re not creating more waste.

Have recycling containers/boxes at the ready

Encourage people to put their beer bottles, cans, and anything else recyclable in separate boxes. It’s a win-win for you - less tidying up to do and your recycling will be pre-sorted before it gets collected.

Think about borrowing or buying a barbecue

You might think it’s easier to buy a disposable barbecue, but it is wasteful. Why not borrow one if you can, or if you intend on having barbecues all summer long, invest in a decent one to impress your guests.

Make use of leftovers

Allow your leftovers to cool down, then store them in the fridge. You can use the leftover meat for sandwiches, curries, or casseroles, and salads and veg can be used in soups or as a side to a rice or pasta dish.