Why You Should Downsize Your Bin for 2022

Why You Should Downsize Your Bin for 2022

When it comes to wheelie bins, bigger isn’t always better. Here’s why 2022 should be the year you downsize your bin.

It encourages you to reduce waste and recycle more

The health of the planet is front and centre right now. If we’re going to stop climate change in its tracks, we all need to do our bit. One easy change you can make is to downsize your bin. Once you have less bin capacity to play with, it will force you to rethink what you throw away. Think about what you usually throw in the bin. Where could you cut down on waste and recycle more? Or even better, where can you reduce waste at the source?

Downsize your bin to save space

One of the biggest challenges with wheelie bins is finding the space to store them. Do you only have a small garden or yard? Well, you don’t want your wheelie bin taking up any more precious space than it needs to. A smaller wheelie bin is compact enough to store away in the tightest of spaces.

They are easy to manoeuvre

As you’d imagine, a smaller wheelie bin is lightweight and easier to manoeuvre than a large bulky bin. Great news for people who might struggle to move heavier bins safely.

You won’t be sacrificing quality

If you think that larger bins are more robust, you’re wrong. Our smaller wheelie bins are made from exactly the same durable plastic as our larger bins. They are also built to be resistant to UV light and extremes in temperature.

Are you ready to downsize your bin?

Is reducing your waste and recycling more on your list of new year’s resolutions? Are you fed up with your large bulky bin being a blot on your landscape? Do you just want an easier time of it when you’re putting the bins out? We’ve got you.

Our wheelie bin range includes small units that hold just 80 litres. A compact waste solution that’s perfect for your needs if you have a small home or want to reduce your waste.

If you want to downsize your bin, you won’t have to worry about loss of quality or performance. Our smaller bins are made in state-of-the-art facilities in Germany and France. Our smaller wheelies are also easy to handle, durable, and secure. What’s more, for those of you who want to live a greener lifestyle in 2022, they're completely recyclable at the end of their life.

Make 2022 the year you downsize your bin. For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins, check out the rest of our blog.