Cleanliness is Key

Cleanliness is Key

Cleanliness Is Key

At we have every kind of wheelie you can think of. Everything, that is, except pre-made soapbox derby racers, but then surely half the fun is making it yourself, right? 

Anyway, from the modest 140-litre model that weighs just 10.7kg when empty (meaning that grandma could probably carry it over her shoulder), to our 1,100-litre behemoth that even Britain’s Strongest Man would find trouble lifting when full of rubbish, we have a waste receptacle to suit your requirements. Needless to say, they all have wheels. (Duh!) They're also all available in a range of colours, come with our lowest price guarantee and, at just £6.95, benefit from very affordable delivery.

Unfortunately, one other aspect that our wheelies share in common is that they can get a bit whiffy if not properly maintained. Don’t worry, there's no need to attend a wheelie bin workshop to become a hygiene pro, just follow our simple tips:


Cleaning tip


Recycle effectively. This way, your waste bin won’t become full as quickly, plus you’ll be doing your part for the environment and Britain’s economy.

Clean your rubbish. It may sound a bit daft, but many people do this nowadays. It only takes a few seconds and it means that germs and odours will be kept to a minimum both inside and outside the home.

Throw away rubbish, recycling and food scraps right away. Your home won’t become host to bacteria and horrible odours if there’s no breeding grounds for them. This applies to all bins, so make sure to check bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices too, as even a forgotten apple core can attract flies and spread germs.

Use two bags. Food waste stinks even when it’s fresh, so imagine how it’ll smell in a few days. To help contain unwanted odours, double bag your food scraps, especially meat and other things that go gooey. Squeezing the air out of the bag will also reduce the rate of decomposition, which in turn makes the rate of smelliness slower too. 

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Close the bin. Once you’ve plopped the rubbish into its designated bin, make sure to firmly close the lid. Even recyclable materials can create some odours (unless you thoroughly clean everything), so by sealing the bin you’re preventing flies from visiting to leave their eggs all over the place. No flies means to maggots, which can only be a good thing... unless you’re an avid fisher who likes saving money on bait.

Bins enjoy the shade. If your bins are in the sun, they're going to get warm, and heat makes things smellier! Find a shady area for them to live during the summer months.

Give them a clean every now and then. If you have small children or own a dog, cleaning the bins will be a doddle in comparison. Simply pour hot water and disinfectant into the bottom of the bin, use a mop to give it a quick scrub, and empty the dirty water down the drain. Giving it a final rinse with cold water will get rid of any remaining scum and make yours the shiniest wheelie bin for miles around (unless your neighbours are reading this too).

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