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Barbecue Safety Tips

Barbecue Safety Tips

Barbecue Safety Tips


What size wheelie bin do you have? We stock capacities of 140, 240, 360, 660, 770 and 1100 litres. Despite being different sizes, they have a few shared characteristics, such as their range of colours, excellent manoeuvrability and stability, and a high-density polyethylene body that’s resistant to cracking, denting, bending and weathering.

However, there is one other thing that they have in common: They’ll melt when in contact with fire or hot ashes.




As soon as the boffins invent a lightweight, affordable and functional material that can be used for wheelie bins and still benefit from the benefits above, all while being totally flame-resistant, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, please be careful now that it’s the barbecue season.

Fire brigades regularly remind households to make sure that disposable BBQs are extinguished and cooled before placing into a wheelie bin. In fact, there are quite a few points that should be followed to ensure that your bangers don’t explode the entire garden.

-- First off, disposable BBQs always come with safety instructions – have a read!
-- As tempting as it may be to grill up some king prawns whilst having a shower, always use a BBQ outdoors.
-- Place the BBQ on a level surface that won’t melt or result in tipping. Otherwise anything could happen, from dirty burgers to your table turning into a big pile of goop.
-- No matter how manly you are, never add paraffin or petrol to a BBQ. Stick with the charcoal and firelighters. Also, refrain from accidentally spilling spirits onto it. WHOOSH!
-- Keep a bucket of water or garden hose nearby, just in case.
-- Keep the BBQ away from the home, shed, garage, fence, bins, trees and plants, and any other combustible materials. You want that fire to get those steaks juuuuuust right, not singe your begonias!
-- Be aware of any kids and animals in the vicinity, or people that have never seen fire before – they can cause trouble.
-- Afterwards, leave the BBQ to cool. The cold ashes should then be emptied onto soil instead of into the bin.
-- The disposable BBQ itself can be placed into your general waste wheelie once fully cooled.
-- If you have a gas BBQ, for the love of God, read all instructions, keep the cylinders away from flames and never change the cylinder if you’re in a confined space!

Please make sure to follow these safety tips, don’t melt your wheelie, and save us a sausage or two!


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