What to do if your Wheelie Bin Isn’t Emptied

What to do if your Wheelie Bin Isn’t Emptied

Have you experienced the frustration? Your wheelie bin is full to the brim but comes collection day, the refuse workers don’t empty it. How can you get your wheelie bin emptied if it seems like it’s been forgotten? Read on to find out.

Why Wasn’t My Wheelie Bin Emptied?

Rules vary between councils, but some common reasons why your bin hasn’t been emptied include:

You’ve got the wrong collection day

Collection days typically vary around Bank Holidays. Your local council should always inform you of changes to collection days and times. Check their website if you’re not sure, find out your local council and their rubbish collection days here.

You’ve put the wrong waste in your bin

This is a common reason people don’t get their wheelie bins emptied. If there’s an incorrect item in your bin, you might find a sticker on it. The sticker will explain why your bin wasn’t emptied and what you can and can’t put in your bin. You must remove the incorrect item from your bin then it’s usually collected on the next scheduled date. If you can’t wait until the next collection date, make a trip to your local household waste recycling centre.

You’ve left waste lying next to your bin

Most councils won’t take bags of waste left next to your bin.

There’s a problem with access to your property

There are a couple of reasons why refuse vehicles might not be able to access your property. If there’s a road closure, refuse teams might try to empty your bins at a later time. If there’s a vehicle blocking access, this can also stop you from getting your wheelie bin emptied.

Your bin is frozen

Yes, this is actually a thing. If your bin lid has frozen shut due to extremely cold weather, workers won’t be able to empty it.

What Can I Do If My Wheelie Bin Isn’t Emptied?

You’ve checked all the above and you’re sure you put your bin out correctly. Here’s what most councils say you should do.

If your bin isn’t emptied by the end of your collection day, you can report it as a missed collection. Councils usually give you a few days to report it and if possible, they’ll send a team out to collect your bin.

When you report it, remember to mention things like:

  • Where you usually put your bin. For example, is it on the kerb, in front of your property, or at a collection point?
  • The date and time you put your bin out.
  • Whether other bins in your street were collected.

How Can I Make Sure I Get My Wheelie Bin Emptied?

There are some things you can do to make sure you’re not left with a full bin come collection day.

Confirm you’ve put your bins out on the right day

This is especially important around Christmas and Bank Holidays when collection days usually change. It’s easy to get lost when you’re supposed to put your bin out. Check your council website for any collection changes and set a reminder on your phone.

Make sure your bin lid is firmly shut

This might not seem like a big deal but it’s a common reason why workers don’t empty bins. If you fill your bin to the brim so you can’t close the lid, it’s a problem because:

  • An open lid can get caught on refuse vehicle machinery;
  • If the lid is open and there’s something sharp in the top of the bin, it can cause harm;
  • An over-filled bin might be too heavy for workers to safely collect.

Don’t leave piles of waste next to your wheelie bin if you want it emptied

Leaving bags of waste next to your bin is a sure-fire way to not have your wheelie bin emptied. As well as attracting pests and being a general hazard, waste left next to your bin is classed as excess waste.

  • If you produce a lot of extra waste, try to find ways to reduce it.
  • If your waste is bulky arrange a proper collection.
  • If it’s construction or garden waste, take it to a local recycling centre.

Don’t put anything and everything in your wheelie bin

Hands up who has put any of the following in their household waste or recycling bin?

  • Oil or paint
  • Medical waste
  • Gas canisters
  • Electrical items

If workers find any of these in your bin, they probably won’t empty it. Before you bin something, check your council’s website for details of what they will and won’t accept for collection.

Keep your recycling plastic bag free

Plastic bags are a nightmare for recyclers as they jam machinery and can delay the entire process. Reuse plastic bags for things like keeping your football boots or smelly gym kit in. Other than that, many supermarkets have plastic bag collection points.

We hope our guide to why you didn’t get your wheelie bin emptied and what you can do about it has been helpful. Hopefully, there’ll be no more chock-full wheelies left on your kerb! For more interesting articles on all things wheelie bins and recycling, check out the rest of our blog