Wheelie Strange but True

Wheelie Strange but True

Wheelie Strange but True

If you thought that wheelie bins were practical and boring, and you only ever hear about them in stories about bin collections, think again. Here are 3 stories that appeared in the news this week about wheelie bins that gave us a giggle, and made us scratch our heads in equal measure!


A drug dealer who was trying to escape from the police crashed into a wheelie bin as he jumped from a first-floor window and was duly caught. The man jumped out of the window after officers raided his house. He was arrested, after they found hundreds of pounds in cash and a substantial amount of heroin and cocaine on his person. The man had previously been arrested for the possession of drugs, but he had been bailed, until he was arrested during this raid. He was jailed for 4 years and 8 months after admitting possessing the drugs with intent to supply.


A woman was furious after a dress she ordered for a Christmas party was left in her green bin by the delivery driver. She took exception to this and took to social media to vent her anger. But she was met with many comments from people who couldn’t see why she was so annoyed, from people saying that the driver left a note to tell her it was somewhere safe, and it was in a plastic wrapper so it wouldn’t have been damaged anyway.

However, some people agreed that it was not good practice and said that it was lazy. One man commented that his wife has ordered a coat which was left in a bin just a few hours before the bin was collected. Oh dear...


And finally, if you think that you need to work on your chat-up lines, spare a thought for a man who tried to make a move on 2 women who then promptly threw him in a wheelie bin in disgust!

The whole thing was caught on camera by a witness, and the footage showed one of the women putting the man in the bin while the other woman held the bin lid open.

It’s believed that the man approached the women outside of a supermarket in South Africa, made indecent comments to them and tried to touch them, and the women weren’t having any of it!

He tried to run off when he realised that his advances were unwelcome, but not before one of the women grabbed a wheelie bin. She was then heard telling him that she was tired of men like him, before picking him up and throwing him head first into the bin.

The women told passers-by that they wanted to teach him a lesson so he would not behave in the same way with any other women. Lesson learned, I think.