Wheelie Bin Roundup September

Wheelie Bin Roundup September

Wheelie Bin News Monthly Roundup September 2017

A Devon council is considering handing out fines to people who put their bins out too early. This follows a change in collection services from weekly to fortnightly, which seems to have sparked a spate of wheelie bins being left out for days at a time. The bins cause an obstruction on pathways and are a fire hazard and target for thieves.

The council is now looking to clamp down on people who persistently leave their bins out for lengthy periods of time. They say that they have asked residents to put their bin out the night before the waste collection, then bring it in as soon as possible after the collection.

The council say that they hope to get the message across to residents before they have to hand out any fines.

Rubbish collection services changed back in May, and the reduced frequency of collections will save the council £750,000. The introduction of the new service has not been without its problems however. Many residents have complained that their bins have been left on the pavement and that their rubbish hasn’t been collected when it was supposed to be.

Some residents are angry about the proposed fines, and have pointed out that elderly residents in particular might struggle to bring their own bins back in.

Residents had to be evacuated from their homes in the middle of the night after a wheelie bin fire caused damage to a gas pipe on their street.

Firefighters attended the scene after they received reports that 3 wheelie bins were on fire in a street in Crewe. The crew put out the fire but they discovered that a gas pipe had been damaged, so residents were evacuated while a gas engineer carried out repairs. It is not yet clear what caused the bin fire.

Commercial waste bins are being blamed for blighting the streets of Swansea with their ugly appearance and unpleasant smell.

A community group, Swansea Civic Society say that the bins are obstructing pavements, causing unpleasant odours, and negatively affecting the look of the local area. They have also complained that the bins attract rats.

The city council do offer commercial waste management and recycling services, but some businesses use private contractors. The community group approached their local councillor, who took their issues with the bins to the cabinet meeting.

The council stress that commercial bins are important, as without them, rubbish might be dumped illegally. They say that they operate daily waste collections so that businesses can keep the number of bins they need to a minimum. They are set to discuss the location of the bins with the community group, and they will enforce prosecutions against businesses who don’t dispose of their waste correctly.