Wheelie Bin Roundup 6th November

Wheelie Bin Roundup 6th November

Wheelie bin news roundup 6th November

A retired teacher is using the new big bins that have been introduced in Camden as benches for community tea parties. The aim is to reduce loneliness and isolation experienced by some members of the community.

In the summer, she invited 20 people to a tea party in her garden and everyone sat on the large bins, which were turned on their sides.

The large bins were introduced in Camden in April, after the council reduced the frequency of rubbish collections. The bins were controversial as people complained that they took up too much space, but now this appears to be working to some people’s advantage.

Isolation is a problem especially for elderly residents living locally, and some can go a week or more without seeing or speaking to anyone, so it’s hoped that the tea party idea catches on.

As is the norm at this time of the year, fire services all over the country have released advice around safety and preventing arson.

Fire crews have warned people that while they want them to enjoy themselves, they will put out any fires they are called to around bonfire night that have been started deliberately, especially if they are near to properties, trees, or fences. 

Putting out deliberate fires takes up a lot of the emergency services’ time, when they should be attending emergencies only.

They acknowledge that although fireworks are fun, fire can easily get out of hand, so they are urging people to attend organised displays where possible.

Fire crews have been out and about in communities across the country to raise awareness of how dangerous bonfires can be. They have also been urging people to reduce the risk of arson attacks by making sure their wheelie bins are stored securely, and not left out for too long prior to or after collection. They have also been urging people not to leave rubbish out that could be used for fuel for bonfires.

Young people and their parents have been targeted, as youths appear to be the main perpetrators of vandalism and arson.

The police have stated that they will be out in force to nip any antisocial behaviour such as vandalism and misuse of fireworks in the bud.

Bristol residents, including a former councillor, have called for lettings agents to take responsibility for their tenants’ overflowing bins rather than waste their money cleaning the rubbish up.

The former councillor stated that letting agents should educate tenants, who are mostly students, about proper waste management.

Residents have become increasingly angry after bins outside of a student property were left to overflow, because refuse collectors would not take the waste away as it had not been sorted correctly. They have also expressed anger at lettings firms making a profit from properties, while taking no responsibility for looking after the area the properties are in.

Other residents have been more scathing of students however, and have said that putting rubbish in the bin correctly is just common sense. Students have been accused of having the attitude that ‘someone else will clear the rubbish up’.

Landlords also added their thoughts to the row, and many said that they get wheelie bins emptied and recycling dealt with at their own expense, and they believe lettings agents and tenants should do more to take responsibility.