Wheelie Bin Roundup 4th December

Wheelie Bin Roundup 4th December

Wheelie bin news roundup 4th December

What would your loved one say if they woke up on Christmas morning to a gift of a wheelie bin? Well, this is the latest suggestion from Bromley council who have recommended that residents buy their loved one a £60 wheelie bin for Christmas for their garden waste.

The council’s winter newsletter advertised a gift of a 240-litre wheelie bin plus a year’s worth of garden waste collections. Residents can either buy a bin or gift vouchers.

Bemused local residents have dubbed the council’s suggestion a rubbish idea, and many of them could not imagine what their loved ones’ reactions would be if they woke up to a wheelie bin under the tree on Christmas Day.

Vandals have caused £15,000 worth of damage to equipment in a Dundee park after they set fire to a wheelie bin. This fire is the latest in a spate of deliberately started fires that are blighting the city. The Scottish Fire Service stated that arson attacks such as these are now a daily occurrence. They are working to educate youths about the dangers of setting bins on fire.

Local residents are very angry as the equipment in the park was paid for by money from the National Lottery and it has become very popular with local children. Another park was the target of a wheelie bin fire only a few days later.

If you live in West Berkshire and you’re a keen gardener, you could be about to hit with a charge for your garden waste collections. The council are looking to save £10 million per year, and they are planning to follow the lead of other local authorities like Reading and introduce a charge. The council are set to hold a consultation but the proposed charge is £50 per year. The charge will generate around £900,000 for the council.

The council said that every year, they are being asked to provide more services but they have to do so with a reduced budget, so they need to look at ways of becoming more efficient. They add that funding for frontline public services is given priority and that other services have to take the impact. The council intend to fully consult residents before they make any decisions on the matter.

Reading Borough Council charged residents a one-off fee for a green bin in 2011, then introduced an annual garden waste collection charge earlier this year.

Wokingham Borough Council started charging for garden waste collections in 2012 as did Bracknell Forest Council.