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Wheelie Bin Roundup 15th January

Wheelie Bin Roundup 15th January

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 15th January

Liverpool council admitted that the reason they have purple wheelie bins is that they didn’t want to start a fight among football fans. The council were offered red bins when they introduced wheelies in 2000, but they feared that this would upset Everton fans in the city, so they decided on purple.

Nevertheless, the bins were still controversial when they were first introduced. Some residents branded them ‘Daleks,’ and others even threatened to dump their bins on the town hall steps because they disliked them so much. Residents living in Victorian homes in a conservation area were particularly angry at having the bins on their street.

The residents threatened to take legal action against the council, which prompted them to decide that residents could buy their own bins in whatever colour they wanted if they objected to the purple bins.

Residents in Warrington have been asked to dispose of used batteries appropriately and carefully after a discarded battery caused a bin lorry to catch fire for the second time in under a year.

A lorry caught fire in December in Warrington town centre after a battery was disposed of incorrectly in a blue bin. Bin men quickly drove the wagon to a local depot where they were able to empty the van of the burning contents and put out the fire.

There was a similar incident last April where a battery from a camping lamp sparked when it came into contact with the lorry floor. The fire occurred early in the round so luckily the van was not too full of potentially flammable material.

The council has urged residents to take batteries to the town’s recycling centres, and advised that some libraries and shops also have collection points.

They also warned residents to take precautions against wheelie bin arson attacks after a spate of fires in the area. They have advised people to store bins out of sight and behind locked gates if possible, to only put them out on collection day, and to avoid overfilling them and putting hot items in them. Bins should also not be stored too close to windows or doors as this would make any fire potentially spread to property more easily.

Residents living near a school in Anglesey have used wheelie bins to prevent parents from dropping children off in the street after they got sick of ‘horrendous drivers.’ The residents say that there is a car park at the school, but the parents don’t use it. They claim they have witnessed ‘horrendous and antisocial’ parking in their street and they fear that children could be injured as a result.

Since they took the action, residents say they have noticed an improvement in the attitude of parents, who have started to use the car park. 

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