Wheelie Bin Roundup 12th February

Wheelie Bin Roundup 12th February

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 12th February

Renfrewshire Council has faced a backlash on social media from residents who are angry at their claims that rubbish bins could not be emptied because of the cold weather. The council posted an update on Facebook, informing residents that bins could not be emptied if the contents were frozen. Food and garden waste was due to be collected, but the council told residents that they would have to wait for their next scheduled collection in two weeks. Residents responded angrily, asking if the post was a wind up and complaining about a decline in service versus the hike in council tax they have to pay.

Around 28,000 households in Liverpool don’t have wheelie bins. They have 90 litre bin bags instead, which are collected every week. Liverpool City Council say that the bags are given out instead of bins to some residents because some properties don’t have the storage space available for bins or they aren’t accessible for refuse vehicles because of narrow alleyways and streets. The council add that they have offered some residents bins for the storage of rubbish where the bags aren’t sufficient.

Waste management firm Bristol Waste has reported that there has been a spate in the number of bins going missing from outside homes in the south of the city. Residents have taken to social media to complain about their wheelie bins and recycling boxes going missing regularly. Some say that they have lost 2 bins in a month, and some tried to make light of the situation, commenting that someone must be constructing the greatest bin fort ever known to man.

 The company say that they’ve had more than 650 requests for new bins in the past 4 weeks, and they were trying hard to keep up with the demand. They said they initially thought that bins were getting blown away because of the bad weather, but now they are investigating why the bins and boxes are suddenly disappearing. They have asked residents to take their bins off the streets as soon as possible after collection and have offered to provide stickers for boxes and bins to personalise them, so they are less likely to be taken. A 240-litre wheelie bin costs up to £20 and is currently paid for by Bristol City Council.