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Wheelie Bin News Roundup: Ugly Bins

Wheelie Bin News Roundup: Ugly Bins

You might not think wheelie bins can be that exciting. But believe us, there’s always an interesting headline! From Seagulls, Ugly Bins and Snakes check out our wheelie bin news roundup.

Seagulls making a mess in Tenby

We start this wheelie bin news roundup in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. Where local residents and business owners are up in arms about seagulls. The pesky birds tear open rubbish bags before bin day and the rubbish is all over the streets. 

One local business owner is calling for seagull-proof wheelie bins after being confronted with the sight of rubbish on the street as she walked her dog. The refuse bags had been particularly full after people flocked to the coast during the recent spell of warm weather. Tenby’s streets were littered with takeaway food packaging, food scraps and PPE waste.

After the business owner posted images of the state of the streets on Facebook. Some residents blamed people for putting their rubbish out too early for collection. Others said that holiday homeowners were to blame. 

Pembrokeshire council are generally not in favour of plastic wheelie bins and they prefer to give out seagull-proof bin bags instead. 

We think that forgoing bins could be a wheelie big mistake…

Residents in a London Borough complain about their ugly bins 

Next, our wheelie bin news roundup takes us to Enfield in London. Residents in Enfield have become displeased with the introduction of new wheelie bins. They have branded them ‘ugly bins, a health and safety risk, and far too big.’ 

Residents who are avid gardeners are not happy about the prospect of having ugly bins in their gardens. One woman said that the bins would take up the width of her garden and would be 8 inches taller than her front window. 

The council has introduced the bins to encourage residents to recycle more and to make collections easier. Residents are set to get three new bins; a blue bin for recycling, a green bin for gardening and food waste and a grey bin for all other waste. 

But some think that the negatives will outweigh the benefits. Especially for those living in narrower streets. They have already voiced concerns about the bins obstructing pavements for wheelchair users, buggies and blind people. The introduction of the new wheelies has also left some residents wondering how elderly people will manage when they have to put their bins out for collection. 

Not everybody is unhappy though. One resident said that she has a big family and the new ugly bins will help her to recycle more. Others said that the bins will keep pests out of their rubbish. 

One thing for sure, when it comes to bins, you wheelie can’t please everyone! However, one easy way to hide away ugly bins - Wheelie Bin Storage

What’s the most terrifying thing you have found in your wheelie?

To finish up our wheelie bin news roundup, we’re heading to distant shores- the Sunshine Coast in Australia. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever found in your wheelie? Well, one unsuspecting woman found a venomous red-bellied snake in her wheelie bin!

The snake was hiding, preparing to shed its skin when the woman came across it and immediately called in some snake catchers. It was seen while hiding among some rubbish bags and loose papers. The snake catchers removed the reptile safely from the bin and took it to a more natural habitat, some local bushland. 

That concludes our wheelie bin news roundup we hope you enjoyed the seagulls and ugly bins news! For more interesting articles on wheelie bins and more, check out the rest of our blog

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