Wheelie Bin News Roundup 8th July

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 8th July

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 8th July

Files from one of the MOD’s military science centres Porton Down, which studies biological and chemical security threats, have been found dumped in a wheelie bin in North London. The papers were found in an area where homeless people are known to rummage through bins for food and for things they might be able to sell.

The files dated back from the early 1980’s right up to 2017, and contained details of equipment held by security guards, a guard’s home address, and passwords to the centre’s computer systems.

A spokesman for the MOD said that an inquiry is underway and added that it takes the protection of personal data very seriously. One intelligence expert has dubbed the incident as a ‘terrorist’s dream’ and added that the MOD were very lucky that the information did not fall into the wrong hands.

Residents in Milton Keynes are to be asked for their views on replacing black rubbish sacks with wheelie bins. The issues have arisen because a resident asked the council what could be done to stop nuisance birds ripping open his rubbish bags. There is a problem in Milton Keynes with pests and birds constantly getting into rubbish and causing a mess.

The council say that they are going to put the issue to public consultation, given the costs that are involved in cleaning the rubbish up. It added that it wants Milton Keynes to become a greener city and plans to look at how to make sure that it's waste management and recycling services are contributing to that aim.


When a woman from Newcastle was told by her friend during a shopping trip that she’d look gorgeous in a bin bag, she took the compliment quite literally, and fashioned a dress out of a £1 wheelie bin liner! She turned up for drinks before a night out in her creation which she had expertly nipped and tucked in all of the right places, and she finished the look off with a belt. Her friend thought it was hilarious, and she shared a picture of the bin liner dress on Facebook where it was much admired by her friends. Her son told her ‘you’re not leaving the house dressed in a bin bag!’ while her husband’s main concern was what she would do if it ripped!

Of course, the woman changed into a more normal dress for her night out, and her friend commented ‘I was right, she did look good in a bin bag!’