Wheelie Bin News Roundup 4th March

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 4th March

Wheelie Bin News Roundup 4th March


Teenagers in Carnoustie could have derailed a train when they put a wheelie bin in the middle of a railway track. One boy stood in the middle of the tracks to film the train approaching, but the train driver managed to slow down before there was any impact. Luckily, the driver had been informed of a potential incident after another driver going in the opposite direction spotted the teenagers on the line. The train was delayed by around 20 minutes while the bin was removed from the tracks.

A local councillor commented that the incident could have been catastrophic and added that it was the latest in a long line of issues caused by anti-social behaviour. The council has spoken to the British Transport Police and they are now investigating. They have appealed for witnesses and asked anyone with information to call their helpline.

Derailed Train

Communal bins have been introduced by South Lanarkshire Council to try and reduce the number of wheelie bins that are left out blocking the pavements. The council’s move comes in response to complaints from residents in some parts of East Kilbride about the number of bins that are left out on the street for days after collection.

The council has now introduced large communal bins for general waste and plastics for people living in blocks of flats in the hope that it will mean that fewer bins will be cluttering the street. Communal recycling bins are also being considered in a bid to make it easier for people living in the flats to recycle.

There are concerns about how much street space the new bins would take up and how the new arrangements will work. The bins will be introduced then monitored for a few weeks to see how everything is working, and the council will speak to residents about their thoughts.

Large Communal Bins

A pretty village in the New Forest is being left strewn with rubbish on collection days because ponies and donkeys are getting into rubbish bags that are left at the roadside. Residents in the New Forest don’t have wheelie bins, so incidences of animals getting into rubbish are becoming increasingly regular. As well as the rubbish being strewn all over the village, animals are potentially ingesting plastics and other hazardous items.

A council spokesperson said it was aware of the issue and that they would be cleaning up the rubbish. They added the council would like to remind residents to leave rubbish bags inside of their gates, not out in the road where there are animals.

The council’s website clearly states that if residents are concerned about animals getting into their rubbish, they can place the bags in a dustbin on the boundary of their property. It adds that before rubbish is collected, it’s a resident’s responsibility, so if animals do get into rubbish, it’s their job to clear it up.